Monday, May 17, 2010

City of Lion

Singapore is a beautiful city, it is clean, flowery, and all well organized. The beautifulness of Singapore is different from Bangkok and KL. Singapore is safe, as a tourist, u really can enjoy every moment in a peace of mind. Bangkok is not as clean as Singapore, but ppl thr are nice and creative, esp their advertisement...hands up! KL also not as clean as Singapore, i can said it is the most dangerous city if compared with the others, but at least we have twin tower, and KL tower, which make this city stands up among the others. I think i am a person who really can adapt the the life of city, because i walk fast!Haha...There are two more cities that i am going to explore next month, hopefully it will be a nice journey for me......

Good luck, Mr. Ring

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good bye

Finally, i am officially graduated from UPM. Never ever thought that i can made until this far, it is really a long study life ya. I decided not to pursuit degree of master for this moment, but i believe it is not the end of the study in my life. There are still a lot of knowledge that i need to gain and insert into my brain, coz challanges will keep coming in the future, and those challenges are REAL!My heart need to be stronger in order to overcome all those obstacles...

However, i still have 2 months in my hands, which is the final free time for me to enjoy before enter the hectic working life. There are some plans in the list dy, but i will try to make it more compact. Here are my general plans for May and June:

09-11May: Dental appointment, serdang mode again.
12-18May: Singapore trip
19-21May: Dental appoinment, serdang mode again. Final packing before leaving 2115
26-30May: Kulai, Jb, Sg trip with Kendondong, Edwin, and YCY...woohoo...
04-06June:Penang family trip
13-23June: Cambodia and Vietnam trip, finally finally...
01July : Working life start!And it will be endless.....

Hopefully all the acitivities listed above can make it successfully coz i really looking forward in everyone of it!
Lastly, i wanna send my regards to all my coursemates, and wishing u all the best in your life!


Mr.Ring with his broken english Again...haha

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