Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday is not my day.I am being surrounded by bad luck esp during my way to meet bin,keoh,and ning.
First of all,ktm train broke down at serdang,and i need to wait about 30mins more for another one.
During my way to subang,ktm train that i boarded broke down again,the door keep slipping in and out.At last,i am being forced to wait keoh at angkasapuri ktm station with full of thirst and sweat.
Even though it take me 3 hours to meet my hometown friends,but all in all,it is worth to do so,coz nothing is more precious than our friendship...
I enjoyed my time with them and i hope they like it too.
Looking forward the next gathering and i hope i wouldn't be so unlucky again...
shopping?no...we at pwtc exhibition hall
i seem so tired in tis pic...
tiramishu cheesecake,my all time fav
bin bin and me..waiting for moviebin bin and koeh

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stress ya

I am so stressful recently.Final year is not easy as I thought,because every subject seems very challenging,and I feel that I have not ready yet to handle it.The expectation from lecturers and supervisor seem never decrease once we gone thru industrial training,they are now expect more from us,but can we give them the things they want?This question cant be answered now,sigh…

My brain stuck in the middle,too many projects push toward me and bring me to a crazy state.I need to worry about my final year project,I need to create a new food product to the market,I need to develop a new packaging for our fac’s café,or maybe in the future,I need to create a process design for certain food processing.It is almost half a year I under a relaxing state,enjoying my practical training,and being a explorer in the industry.However,those time is ended here,start from this point,I need to face the reality,I am no longer the explorer without any responsibility.

God bless me…

Hopefully I can go thru all the obstacles and transform to a better person.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Full House

NZX is quite surprising me for its quietness.It is a very beautiful place with unique design and special shop compartmentalization;however,based on my observation,peoples working there are much more than visitors,haha(and it is Sunday summore)...

The only one shop which attracted us is FULL HOUSE.I better nt saying much here and let photos tell u the story.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Window shopping

We dun have much money to shop for this moment coz ptptn still din bank in money to us.However,weekend shud be a shopping day for me,so i insist to go out regardless the money issue,hehe...

Since we dun have much money to shop ,i decided to take some photos to kill my boringness.Hopefully i can get money soon coz course night is coming on next month,and i need a shirt and pant for my attire,what i really need now is...MONEY...hehe
The uncle behind is juz so....
M stands for money,we need money!!!
Lilian and me

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am so bored at home now,instead of youtube-ing,i decide to have some snap shoots with my beloved friends...
innocent face

I like this photo,happy truly frm her heart...


Being a student is diff from being a worker.Campus life is more interesting,especially u have a gang of friends who really selfish.I am nt saying that i am not selfish,but i think my acting skill is good enough to cover mostly part of it.

So,what i wanna to point out here? juz a small issue of timetable arrangement which happened around us recently.This is not a new issue dy,but it did become worst when we were being grouped into four big groups.

Some selfish one will try to make their timetable perfectly which meet their need,some racist one will try to follow his or her friends into one grp so that they can get rid from those diff colors skin.This is an interesting scenario which i cant observed and experienced in working life,and this is the unique scenario which happened under One Malaysia.

I am not blaming any others here coz i dun have the right to do so...being part of this gang,the only thing i can share is...

"polish ur acting skill"

that is, always acts like nothing,but concern seriously in every issue deep from ur heart...

Your Bitchiness,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming soon...

It such a long time i din update my blog,feel thousand of sorry to all my friends...
However,i think its time for me to re-start my engine,and sharing my life again with all of you.
Thus,pls give me some time to settle and arrange my mood,and i promise Mr.Ring will come back soon with more bitchiness and craziness...wuhahahaha~

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