Saturday, December 12, 2009


Going to Bangkok on next Monday, i am very excited coz tis is my first time to travel oversea...
Feel blessed coz being selected to go, feel nervous coz represent faculty, and represent UPM is not an easy task for us,hopefully everything going smoothly as expected...

Will update my trip in Bangkok once i come back, see you all and Merry Christmas in advanced.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Purity in their heart is gone...

u knw, sometimes i wonder... why i am nt the one in your heart
u knw, sometimes i wonder... why she or he is nt the one in my heart
u knw, sometimes he or she wonder, why he or she is nt the one in his or her heart

Triangle love or more complicated relationship keep spinning one round to another everyday...
I lost in this jungle recently...and i lost my morale value in love.

People start a relationship so happily but end up juz within several minutes of times...
People start a relationship but he or she seems forget that they still have one in their hands...
People keep falling in relationship trap and sadly to say, he or she is the one who knw the truth behind...
People tend to open his or her relationship...but public nt ready to accept...
People wish to forgt the past...but he or she seems not ready to face the truth yet...
People tend to do backup in his or her relationship...but they nvr knw that one day they might be one of the tyre...

Pure relationship...seems hard to find one likes the water, the air, the soil...all being polluted time by time, day by day, year by year....

[sad mode]

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks God

Ok, although i am a free thinker, but i truly believe that there will be someone upon the sky who always blessing me, might be my ancestor or might be any of the "god" in this universe,hehe.

I shud thx god, because blessing me always. I am nt a brilliant student compared to my othr coursemates, i am not the hyper active ppl in cocuriculum, but being selected to go Thailand for study abroad really is a huge surprised to me, feel blessed.

As i said earlier, i am not the most brilliant student in the class, and i even din get any A or A- in any of my faculty subjects before, but i feel extermely happy for the result of this semester, this is not the most excellent one but at least, finally, i gt my A in Quality Management and surprisingly, gt my A- in Report Writing, feel blessed again.

I am not intend to "hao lian" here, hehe, but i am very happy to my archievement in this semester. Next semester will be the last semester or last chapter of my study life, i think i shud enjoy fully before graduate. Hopefully my final year project can be done before due date, and hopefully my result of last semester can be as good as this semester...


Saturday, November 21, 2009


After this hectic hectic semester, i decided to give myself a little bit of change before welcome the last hectic semester.So what are the changes?haha...u will know it when u meet me.

Next semester is my last semester in university, i need to finish up my experiment and write my thesis as soon as possible bcoz my supervisor always critics my poor english, sometimes i need to admit that I am a 100% Chinese act many times before he stop shooting me.haiz...Nvm, i will forgive him coz he is a lonely old man, i think due to his weird attitude, his children dun wan live with him...and sadly to say, even his wife.Can u imagine only a cat accompany an old retired man everyday?Although he is very successful person( he thought),although he is rich (I thought)...but sadly to say that, my father is more happy thn least my father gt me,hehe...

So poor lonely old man, i will forgive u...eventhough u used to say that i am ur "anak" and u r my "bapa"...eventhough i will never agree with what u last, i will forgive u...coz u have everything but u dun have love...u only saw ur grandchildren photos thru internet (that u felt so proud of) but u din havethe chance to hug them...It is not the right time to ask u change, but...i really hope that u can be more happy in the future...

It is too early to say goodbye to u dr (eventhough i wish it can be faster)...but goodluck!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cemp-enak ...ENAK!

Finally...It is all come to the end, Product Development is the most torturing subject from the bulks, i nvr been so tired in academic event...But somehow, i think i am going to miss it. Although we are not the winning team, but i am so glad to meet all of my grp members ,working together with them really let me learnt a lot a lot..appreciate the hardships that paid by our grp leader-wan hong, and appreciate the fun that you all gave to me-nisya, aini, fareeza, jacky, and kok hong.

Thanks a lot coz of giving me opportunity to be the director of the commercial video clips, u all help me to filfill my dream, but also makes me more confuse regard my future.Hopefully i manage to figure out before graduate, really wish to do something which can make my life more happy and meaningful...hehe.

Hope u all can enjoy watching the last two video clips which presented by MasGOLDish...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Second Commercial is UP

I am getting more and more excited!Counting down for launching day now and everything will be settled down after wednesday...all of our hard works throughout this semester...from idea generation, prototype development, packaging design, multimedia preparation till launching day is a long long journey for us. I hope it will be a sunny day on wednesday. so does our feeling!

See ya!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heat is ON

Launching day for new food product development will be held on 18 November (Wednesday), and 10 stalls will be allocated at Laman Mahasiswa, Faculty of Food Science & Technology, UPM. During that day, 10 new food products which developed by FSTM students will be introduced to everyone and it will be an additional of excitement if all of you can come and taste the fun!

MasGoldish is one of the groups which will introduce their new food product, called 'cemp-enak' to everyone. It is a frozen pastry balls with cempedak seeds as coating material and cempedak flesh as filling. It can be served at one time (you can taste cempedak seeds and filling at one time), save time (can taste the seeds straight away instead of cooking it for at least one hour) and anytime (can eat and share with friends outside the seasonal period at any place as u like).

So, if u wan to know more about this product, pls remember to visit them during product launching day or log on to Facebook or Youtube to watch their commercial videos.

See you all!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

De-stress campaign

First of all, thx to kulai gang once a again for rescuing Mr.Ring from the depression that he faced recently, finally he laugh a lot yesterday. No matter what he is troubled before and now shud be washed away as soon as possible coz he really have no time to do think about "it" again, he need to focus on his launching day for the product development.Thx the 3 models accompanied Mr.Ring yesterday
Chwee yen & Mr Ring
Mr Ring walks the show?Haha...dreaming only

Monday, November 2, 2009






Friday, October 30, 2009

Fashion . Passion

Announcement! Announcement!
Ever dream to go London or Newyork fashion week? It seems quite impossible for this dream to be coming true, but dun worry, coz at least, we have Malaysia International Fashion Week, which held in our country!!!

Although we dun have Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Christian Dior, and Prada here, but we have our local designers which are really pushing hard to promote our local design to the international fashion stage. Fashion week will be held at Pavillion 1st floor, start from 4th November to 8th November.If you are fashion lover, what are u waiting for?

For more information, please log on to Malaysia International Fashion Week website:

Mr.Ring will try to squeeze out some time to go thr eventhough is the season of final exam now...hehe


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Suddenly wanna go beach so here so hot, really wish the beach is outside my house. Once i open the door, i will take off my shirt, and jump into the water...and wash away all my dirts and unhappiness...then rejuvenate again, so shiok right?haha...when can i go to beach again?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Business plan

The most interesting subject in this semester is Food Process Design where include topic like costing, plan set up and last but not least, how to be an Entrepreneur! I never imagine i will be an entrepreneur one day, coz i am so coward to take a big step, used to be follower long time dy. However, after this course, i start to admire and respect those local entrepreneur, regardless succeed or failed.

By doing business plan, we learn all the things from tip to toe for plant set up. A lot of calculations involved.Firstly, we need to calculate the capital cost, then production cost, then estimate the profit tat u wan to gain, from that you can calculate the transfer price of your product (ex-factory price), then estimate the margin of the retailer and wholesaler,finally you can get the market price of your product.Next, u need to calculate ur payback period, internal rate of return, and turn-over ratio,etc etc etc...This is just a very simple flow of the calculation, and it is only one part of business plan. U still need to have ur company profile, product description, advantages and selling point of ur product, consumer target, market target, organization chart of ur company.It is far more complicated tat u and i can imagine...and it takes a long time to do it before u really start ur business.Besides, a good plan strategy is very critical in designing a business plan, because "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". And..if u fail to plan, u cant get loan from bank, then u will not have money to invest and buy equipments for ur production run...

So? Wan to be a entrepreneur and start ur own business? Better think twice before u really engage into it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



Lets rocksssss!!!!yeah!!!!!1



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its all about last weekend

I enjoyed my weekend very much last week, having family gathering where i met many of my relatives, and oso attended cousin wedding. It is surprising that i can talk and brag so much with my aunties and uncles even though we meet only once or twice a year...appreciated...After having a wonderful weekend, then its time for me to resume my busy campus life again. I gt 3 tests this week, 2 just passed and one more on this Friday. Summore, two assignments need to finish up b4 next week, and more and more tests coming since FINAL is around d corner dy...

This hectic semester will come to the end SOON...and i am so glad that i will only have 13 credit hours next semester...hooray...finally i can koyang kaki a bit and be more concentrate on my thesis...
i am the taller than doubt
I cant deny that...i am old dy if compared with them...
She is a happy and silly doubt too...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Development + Design...another kinds of art that i m going to explore

Even though still have a lot of things need to edit and improve, but launching day delaying is not a good news to me...bless me 顺顺利利 lar!

Mr. Ring

Sunday, September 27, 2009

8 days

8 days are really not enough for me to relax and finish all the jobs given. I wish i can extend my holiday for one more week, at least i can play kuat kuat enough before enter the hectic life again in Uni *sigh*

Btw, i feel lucky coz manage to meet some of my old friends and gossiping with them, esp during ah bong bday celebration in Neway...i will never forget the songs that we sang: aaron kwok (对你爱不完) and grasshooper( 热情三巴舞) , there are so so classic! (Poker face too..)

I will be busy for the next whole months, need to prepare for the product launching day, quality management assignment, packaging design presentation, final year project ( i need to squeeze more time for it...), and the damn tiring tests....

God bless me...i din expect the best, but at least get a satisfactry results...



Friday, September 25, 2009

Young heart...runs free...

Its midnight dy, i suppose to sleep and wake up earlier next day coz i nid to finish all the works before saturday...but some how, i cant sleep now...

I feel that i am old dy, mentally old...
I lost my passion on many things
I can't concentrate when doing stuff that i like to do before...
I am thinking somewhere else when watching my favourite gossip girl and ANTM 13...
I become more and more passive when come into report and assignment...maybe i am lazier nowadays...
To do or not to do keep struggle in my mind esp in this holiday...

I dunno what i wan...
or maybe i know wat i want...
but i dun wan put any effort to it...
what i not what everyone wants...

thats all...
good night

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday celebration -Tenji

Birthday marathon (September) finally ended in Tenji, which i think our birthday gal shud be very very very happy tat day. This is my first time having sushi buffet, even though buffet style really not suit my is too small to fill in so many food, hehe. However, i manage to eat some costly food which at least got some pay back to my wallet. Raya around the corner dy, wishing all my friends have a wonderful raya celebration and happy holiday!!!
Solaris...u r too expensive to live...
Crazy stuff that we used to do normally...
Chocolate chocolate...
Special birthday cake, it looks nice and convenient to eat...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You know you love me, and hate me too


Twin is inseparable? Dun be so sure, even good sister oso will fight one day. Regardless of cat fight or silent fighting...sure both of them will suffer till the end.How can they pretend nt knowing each othr everyday? Peoples around r not blind, our nose are being trained to be sensitive.A single action of them will expose what they wish to hide. We wish them can going back together soon, now is the time to wait the one who take the first step for ice breaking lor...hehe

Spotted 2:

Endless rumors are being spread among cat, pig, and V. This is not the hot topic on the surface of table dy, but what we dunno is the underground complicated time frame of case happening.Is cat with pig 1st or pig with V first? Is cat interrupt between the scandal of V and pig?or is V continue the scandal with pig after the ending of cat? Do pig really like cat or V or the heart of pig still belong to another pig?Or cat, V, and pig 2 involve in the scandal with pig simultaneously?Sounds complicated right...All in all, we wish this endless scandal can be ended soon, coz we need more fresh scandal to be discussed.

Spotted 3:

Perhaps, this is the new scandal happened recently followed by the old old scandal in spotted 2. Little Y found she fall in love with C, but she is so shy to vindicate, or she scare she might be killed by her competitor, that is powerful M. Besides, little Y2 also seems fall in love on Y3, but at the same time, we found that little L oso admire Y3, sigh...what is so hot about C and Y3? Gals, open up your eyes...plenty of hunks still is S&A out there, dun be so focus on them pls.


Gossip girl season 3 will be aired soon, dun miss the hot and spicy scandal life of Serena and Blair!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cycle: Start and stop

Sometimes we need to find a way to release all the stress (even though u might not agree with the stress that i have), either have a bottle of beer, or have a nice trip with friends, or travel back to home...

We need to rejuvenate, to think what we are going to do next, to revise the mistakes that we did along the journey, before engaged into busy life again, tired again, stress again...

Cycle seems repeating all the time...where i start, always is where i stop...
Sometimes a little drunk is not a big deal...hehe
Might be our last coursenight dy...
Never ending North-South trip...where is our next destination?
Malacca nyonya trip...unforgettable
My beloved family, is fate bring us together...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know, I am exhausted

I am very tired today, and this tiredness will be continue until the end of my final year...

I am scare of your high expectation, i am nt intend to continue master level, i know i am nt born with scientific brain, i feel so pleasure and grateful bcoz i can walk until this far...

I am not a hardworking ppl that you thought, but i m easily being motivated, so please dun give up, i believe we can achieve something in the end...

I know majority of times you are not agree with me, bcoz sometimes i am so extreme, but these are from my heart, whether take it or reject is up to you, please leave a space to let me be more myself...

I know i always let you down, but it is better to let you go since you are not belong to here, hurtful is unavoidable, but what i can do is to minimize the pain to an acceptable level...

I know there is someone in my heart who always wan to burst out, i know i become weaker and weaker to fight with you, but please gimme some time, at least i am more well prepared to face the truth...

I know, i need to have a sleep now...

Monday, August 31, 2009


Juz back from Subang...
Nothing much to share here since i am so tired and lack of sleep, i will post some photos about this trip later.
However, i am going to introduce a good movie to all of you, juz before i forget, it is "UP".
This is a very interesting and meaningful movie which i seldom found in animated movie, i am being touched at the beginning of 15 minutes, and being inspired all the way.
This movie really strongly recommended by me, go to have a watch during your free time, coz it will inspire your dream, and your future...

Mr. Ring

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Malaysian fascinating gourmet

Being a student of FSTM,the most lucky thing is i can enjoy many delicious and nice presentable food from my food service's friends even though this time we need to pay,but believe in me,it is worth it,hehe.

I am quite busy nowadays and i think this is quite common for final year student especially for my faculty.Although there are still many things stuck in the middle,but i believe it can be all finish just before the deadline.Really hope that i can graduate soon before i am being killed by study,study,and study....
Sago pudding with gula melaka syrup ,typical baba nyonya dessert.
Main course, indian style food, curry is my all time favourtie.Wantan soup, typical hongkong dishes
Appertizer, i like the popiah very much.So surprise with the laksa noodles filling.
Congrat to ah bong and ah lim.I am so envy lor,can't wait for next year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wet convocation

My convo marathon finally ended at UM,i am so looking forward before that coz can meet many kulaian thr,everything was going fine except for the rain.I hate raining during convo, it is not fun at all.My jean,shirt,shoes,and even underwear is wetted by rain,especially the messy hair where all the mud and spray melted by water,eee...Summore, it is very troublesome to take care of your presents especially flowers and card.Really hope that my convo next year is a sunny day,i rather sweat than wet...

Btw, congratulation to ah bong,ah lim,ming shan,hui qi,keat yin,and sien jie.Wishing u all the best and good luck in everything u do...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am so confuse nowadays,my mind become more and more complicated and i dunno wat is the right way to choose...
My heart divided into two different world,one is favored by all ppl but the other is being strongly discriminated.This world is not fair to minority,they struggle to survive but no one will appreciate.Their heart tears into severall pieces,finally left the empty body,walking alone,and soulless...

How can they and i survive without future...and soul?
Please dun discriminate,and be open minded...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Frozen Cempedak Puff

Copyrighted 2009

Frozen cempedak puff is the new product of our group.Our main concept is to fully utilise the seeds waste rather than dispose. Please give us your comment so that we can further modify and improve our product.Thankyou.
Skin is made up from cempedak seed starch and the filling is fresh cempedak flesh.
Frozen cempedak puff is less oily compare to fried cempedak with batter which can purchase from stall.

Copyrighted 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday is not my day.I am being surrounded by bad luck esp during my way to meet bin,keoh,and ning.
First of all,ktm train broke down at serdang,and i need to wait about 30mins more for another one.
During my way to subang,ktm train that i boarded broke down again,the door keep slipping in and out.At last,i am being forced to wait keoh at angkasapuri ktm station with full of thirst and sweat.
Even though it take me 3 hours to meet my hometown friends,but all in all,it is worth to do so,coz nothing is more precious than our friendship...
I enjoyed my time with them and i hope they like it too.
Looking forward the next gathering and i hope i wouldn't be so unlucky again...
shopping?no...we at pwtc exhibition hall
i seem so tired in tis pic...
tiramishu cheesecake,my all time fav
bin bin and me..waiting for moviebin bin and koeh

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stress ya

I am so stressful recently.Final year is not easy as I thought,because every subject seems very challenging,and I feel that I have not ready yet to handle it.The expectation from lecturers and supervisor seem never decrease once we gone thru industrial training,they are now expect more from us,but can we give them the things they want?This question cant be answered now,sigh…

My brain stuck in the middle,too many projects push toward me and bring me to a crazy state.I need to worry about my final year project,I need to create a new food product to the market,I need to develop a new packaging for our fac’s café,or maybe in the future,I need to create a process design for certain food processing.It is almost half a year I under a relaxing state,enjoying my practical training,and being a explorer in the industry.However,those time is ended here,start from this point,I need to face the reality,I am no longer the explorer without any responsibility.

God bless me…

Hopefully I can go thru all the obstacles and transform to a better person.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Full House

NZX is quite surprising me for its quietness.It is a very beautiful place with unique design and special shop compartmentalization;however,based on my observation,peoples working there are much more than visitors,haha(and it is Sunday summore)...

The only one shop which attracted us is FULL HOUSE.I better nt saying much here and let photos tell u the story.

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