Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wan to be Fashion Photographer

I am passion in fashion, from modeling to photoshoot, all are related to fashion...

The building behind is a an old, empty, broken house. It is so vintage look, and very easy to take a picture with soul, viola did a good job in delivering the sadness, and soul-less emotion thru the picture.
Beauty shot!The light is so warm, and the point is....it is all natural light!
We are truly happy bcoz of the beach! It is so windy and so relaxing...

I like the background most. If u are one of the fans of the drama , u will familiar with this background, it is in the opening scene.
Baba-nyonya card game, they are acting good, juz like they knw how to play...
Natural shot, no acting, no posing. Resting in a place which full of peranakan feel...Posing shot...
Posing shot 2. The feel from this photo is surprising me, like a modern baba who go back to visit his ancestor, 追思.


Penang changed my mind.
The city is so systematic, esp its transportation.
Big claps to Rapid Penang, it brought us to the places that we want to go, the rate is cheap and some even FREE!I start to fall in love with this city, and start to understand why ppl from Penang is so hard to adapt JB...a two totally different cities ya.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Play Hard

I like my recent life. It is so relax and carefree, wake up in the morning, having my breakfast and reading newspaper is the greatest time for a day. Maybe some of you might think i am too free, till growing mushrooms on my head, haha, but i have only one life; Myabe some of you might think i am too rich, in fact i am not, but i have only one pause between studying and working, so nothing to be blamed for, i enjoy being lazy!

I felt lucky too, coz my plans working well so far. Tomorrow will be a short journey before a long journey, hopefully we all can enjoy fully. Life will be up and down once u engaged urself to work, it will never be such peaceful likes now...so i choose to play hard, before work hard!

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