Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not so Halal

Today or maybe in the future, there will be more malay frens visit this blog (since Aishya added me in her blogger list, i assume), but i need to apologize for the non-halalness of my website. Obviously, the author of this blog named Ring"pig", and he really like pig a lot a lot until he adopt a cute pinkish pig at the right hand site of his page, so that he can write his blog and also fed his pet at the same time.

So for Muslim, please ignore that little cute pig whenever browse thru my site coz the content of my post mostly 95% is Halal, it does not contain any offensive words, pictures, religion issue, clean, hygiene, and no pork; the rest of the 5% contain a little part of the alcoholic scenes (drunk, crazy pictures after drunk) which i think, is still acceptable ya,hehe.

I hope u all enjoy my post everytime and inform me if i have made any mistakes here, thankyou.

See you,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rah ah ah ah Rum ma rum mama

Thai Massage time! See, cloth provided, nt fully naked one

Thai KFC before crazy, but i eat too full till vomit after drink...but overall KFC thr is nice, and more choices offered compared to Msia
On the way to Papong, actually we r watching the mobile TV ADS in the train, some are really funny...
Sian Ho, so sorry...hehe...
Not drunk yet...
Almoz almoz...dunno this face is before or after vomit...
Tis called Kangaroo Dance, inspired by someone...hehe

Mr. Ring

Friday, January 1, 2010

I see you

Great movie, great movie ended with the year 2009.

So we call it a year...2009

Happy new year! I am back guys, and i am too lazy to write anything here since back from Bangkok. Overall, Bangkok trip is fun and interesting, everything is new for me, from the peoples that i met till the clubs that we went to, is diff frm Msia. As you keep tracking my FB history, we went to RCA and Papong for our nightlife. Thai ppl are well behave in the club if compared to Msian, they will not smoking inside the club, no fighting happened and everything is so peaceful.They even dance gently and made us felt a little bit uneasy at the beginning.

I dun have our wild photos yet but i will upload once i gt it.The rest of the photos was uploaded in my FB dy except for the exclusive one, you can request me if u really wan to see...hehe.

I think tis is all about today, new year of 2010. Last but not least, this post is better ended with my 2010 resolutions. See you all, bye!

Resolution 1: Finish my FYP and thesis writing asap...i wan to graduate!!!!
Resolution 2: Gt my favourite job for the rest of my life....Easy?
Resolution 3: Tis is wat grandma wan and she keep nagging me in her Bday dinner, will try my best...


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