Thursday, January 1, 2009

So we call it a year

Next week my industrial training will begin and it also indicates that year 2008 will be ended soon. This is a very special year to me because many things happened around me, some are memorable but some are really terrified. Each year, Japan will use a word to conclude the year before they prepare to enter the next brand new year, and without a doubt, the only word can conclude this year of Malaysia is…Messy…so sarcastic right, but it is true for every one of us.

Not even our country is messy, but my life also messy. I am working so hard to persuade all I want, but everything seems going likes roller coaster, up and down, left and right, finally left an empty body at the end of the game without soul. At last, I wonder am I still needed to carry on like that or switch to other way to survive. I am lost once again when I got my final results. I am questioned myself and also my faculty,whats wrong with me and whats wrong with the system…I can get good result in test one and two and I did well in final too, but why I still have a C+ at the end? On the other hand, I totally failed in test two but end up I still manage to get a B+ …my eyes cannot believe the fact which showed through my laptop, so ridiculous and unbelievable. I did the best as I could, I am not the one who are not well prepared; I am not the one who abandon the study and totally focus on the TV show or games; I am not the one who study last last last minute……and now maybe I wonder again…maybe I should be the one who memorize all the single words in the note, and copy into the test.

“I am not a Photostat machine!”
“I can’t do that and I am not willing to do that!”
So please dun prepare such a lousy questions to me again ok!If you really want me to memorize each section and each lines from the books, I will throw the book to you, before I can do it, I wanna see how much you can suck into your brain!


I am quite happy that I can pause my study a while, and away from the tests for almost half a year…I need a break which I can re-think of my future again…and also the minor course that I choose for the last two semester.

Take me away, to the future which far away from here…
Take me away, from the messy which torture my body and my soul…
Take me away,
away from the year 2008……

I don’t know where to go, whats the right team,
I want my own thing, so bad I am gonna scream,
I can’t choose, so confused,
Whats it all means?
I want my own dream,
So bad I am gonna scream……

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