Wednesday, August 31, 2011

你和我的时光 You and I

Two divas, two different backgrounds, two different vocals, but talking the same story...the story of you and I.

Lady Gaga- You and I

Amei 张惠妹-你和我的时光

Writing a story about myself is not an easy task, i hope i can finish it in a pretty way...god bless me 天公包庇! 包庇!

Mr. Ring

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tight my heart with BELT

I don't have much belt in my wardrobe, it fact, just little as five fingers count. Actually i don't like to wear belt during school times, i felt it is inconvenient in gent and little extra for the outfit. I started to feel the importance of belt when i need to attend job interview, which need to give a professional impression to the interviewers. From that time onward, my belt start to have 1, 2, 3...and now, i need a brown color one in order to fit my new jean urgently. Do you fall in love with belt? or you still feel it is an extra for the overall outfit like my previous thought? Is nice to have at least one in the wardrobe, sometimes is not only for styling, but for safety because you never know when you will lose weight in the future.

Have a nice day, and Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim friends!

Mr. Ring

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chriselle Lim- The basic mix and match from little white dress

If you ever ask me about my fashion style, the answer will always be "simple and nice". One piece is my basic style, it can be a t-shirt, collar-T, or a shirt with either jeans or pant. It is safe and comfortable to wear under the all-time summer weather in Malaysia. I seldom try mix and match, and used to refuse to wear as much accessories as possible. But i think something need to change about my current style, i feel more and more boring and spark-less. It is time for me to upgrade my wardrobe, one piece is still in my list, but mix and match is welcomed too.

Have a fashion day ahead, and hope you like the mix & match video from Chriselle, the best friend of Michelle Phan.

Mr. Ring

:::ANTM 17- Sassy preview:::

They are back! Bianca, Alexandria, Lisa, Dominique, Kayla, Shannon, Lauren...
Don't miss the most happening cycle in the history of ANTM, stay tune on september 14!

More videos will update soon...see you!

Mr. Ring

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tube-a-week: Miss Lin, the hilarious fashion guru

这个星期脸书最流行什么呢?莫过于我们的 Miss Lin啦!她可来头不小呢,刚才从法国时尚周回来就为我们讲解什么是fashion,要如何成为party焦点,最重要的事如何以一个move把每一个场面都hold住。她的时尚品味mr ring真的不遑多让,因为要hold住整个场面,小弟还得向她多磨练呢。

Mr. Ring

Sunday, August 14, 2011


All stars are coming back to America's Next Top Model cycle 17! Guess who is in the list?
Kayla, my winner of cycle 15. Before the show start, you have my vote Kayla. All you need to do is to be focused, don't let those bitches to influence your performance, because you are going to be the 1st lesbian of Next Top Model!
Shannon, the runner up from cycle 1. The virgin angel, the most beautiful contestant in cycle 1. I don't know why she is willing to go back and fight with other younger sisters...age is a limiting factor Shannon, you better show your fierce because angel doesn't work in this cycle.
The cutest Allison from cycle 12, the runner up who always has the most innocent look. But time is different now, seems like our barbie doll need to transform to chucky-like model in order to stand out among those bitches in the house...fighting Allison!
Alexandria, unlike the nature born innocent of Allison, she is the one who always act. I will never forget how she put Brittani into such a terrible situation in front of Tyra last cycle. She is coming back with no surprise, because we want to see how she is going to fight with other professional bitches like Lisa, Angelea, and Bianca, be ready to put your paws up girl, miaow~

As Tyra said, cycle 17 will be the CRAZIEST cycle in the history of next top model, but i hope they can balance up between crazy and high fashion, because quality picture always will be my 1st priority of watching this show, so who will be the winner? and who will be eliminated 1st? Stay tune.

Mr. Ring


Hello my fabulous friends!
After hibernated for 2 months +, i am going to reactivate this site! Sorry for abandon you all for such a long time, i am just lost my passion on fashion suddenly after the finale of ANTM cycle 16, perhaps lack of motivation to write and write.

However, i am back! As i promised, i will never leave this crazy world of Mr. Ring, this is part of my soul, and this is where i can diving through the world that i wish to be.

Stay tune for my further update, and don't miss up the latest news of America Next To Model all star cycle......Bye!

P/s: Kayla is back in ANTM all star! I can't hide my happiness of knowing that, hooray~

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