Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks God

Ok, although i am a free thinker, but i truly believe that there will be someone upon the sky who always blessing me, might be my ancestor or might be any of the "god" in this universe,hehe.

I shud thx god, because blessing me always. I am nt a brilliant student compared to my othr coursemates, i am not the hyper active ppl in cocuriculum, but being selected to go Thailand for study abroad really is a huge surprised to me, feel blessed.

As i said earlier, i am not the most brilliant student in the class, and i even din get any A or A- in any of my faculty subjects before, but i feel extermely happy for the result of this semester, this is not the most excellent one but at least, finally, i gt my A in Quality Management and surprisingly, gt my A- in Report Writing, feel blessed again.

I am not intend to "hao lian" here, hehe, but i am very happy to my archievement in this semester. Next semester will be the last semester or last chapter of my study life, i think i shud enjoy fully before graduate. Hopefully my final year project can be done before due date, and hopefully my result of last semester can be as good as this semester...


Saturday, November 21, 2009


After this hectic hectic semester, i decided to give myself a little bit of change before welcome the last hectic semester.So what are the changes?haha...u will know it when u meet me.

Next semester is my last semester in university, i need to finish up my experiment and write my thesis as soon as possible bcoz my supervisor always critics my poor english, sometimes i need to admit that I am a 100% Chinese act many times before he stop shooting me.haiz...Nvm, i will forgive him coz he is a lonely old man, i think due to his weird attitude, his children dun wan live with him...and sadly to say, even his wife.Can u imagine only a cat accompany an old retired man everyday?Although he is very successful person( he thought),although he is rich (I thought)...but sadly to say that, my father is more happy thn least my father gt me,hehe...

So poor lonely old man, i will forgive u...eventhough u used to say that i am ur "anak" and u r my "bapa"...eventhough i will never agree with what u last, i will forgive u...coz u have everything but u dun have love...u only saw ur grandchildren photos thru internet (that u felt so proud of) but u din havethe chance to hug them...It is not the right time to ask u change, but...i really hope that u can be more happy in the future...

It is too early to say goodbye to u dr (eventhough i wish it can be faster)...but goodluck!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cemp-enak ...ENAK!

Finally...It is all come to the end, Product Development is the most torturing subject from the bulks, i nvr been so tired in academic event...But somehow, i think i am going to miss it. Although we are not the winning team, but i am so glad to meet all of my grp members ,working together with them really let me learnt a lot a lot..appreciate the hardships that paid by our grp leader-wan hong, and appreciate the fun that you all gave to me-nisya, aini, fareeza, jacky, and kok hong.

Thanks a lot coz of giving me opportunity to be the director of the commercial video clips, u all help me to filfill my dream, but also makes me more confuse regard my future.Hopefully i manage to figure out before graduate, really wish to do something which can make my life more happy and meaningful...hehe.

Hope u all can enjoy watching the last two video clips which presented by MasGOLDish...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Second Commercial is UP

I am getting more and more excited!Counting down for launching day now and everything will be settled down after wednesday...all of our hard works throughout this semester...from idea generation, prototype development, packaging design, multimedia preparation till launching day is a long long journey for us. I hope it will be a sunny day on wednesday. so does our feeling!

See ya!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heat is ON

Launching day for new food product development will be held on 18 November (Wednesday), and 10 stalls will be allocated at Laman Mahasiswa, Faculty of Food Science & Technology, UPM. During that day, 10 new food products which developed by FSTM students will be introduced to everyone and it will be an additional of excitement if all of you can come and taste the fun!

MasGoldish is one of the groups which will introduce their new food product, called 'cemp-enak' to everyone. It is a frozen pastry balls with cempedak seeds as coating material and cempedak flesh as filling. It can be served at one time (you can taste cempedak seeds and filling at one time), save time (can taste the seeds straight away instead of cooking it for at least one hour) and anytime (can eat and share with friends outside the seasonal period at any place as u like).

So, if u wan to know more about this product, pls remember to visit them during product launching day or log on to Facebook or Youtube to watch their commercial videos.

See you all!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

De-stress campaign

First of all, thx to kulai gang once a again for rescuing Mr.Ring from the depression that he faced recently, finally he laugh a lot yesterday. No matter what he is troubled before and now shud be washed away as soon as possible coz he really have no time to do think about "it" again, he need to focus on his launching day for the product development.Thx the 3 models accompanied Mr.Ring yesterday
Chwee yen & Mr Ring
Mr Ring walks the show?Haha...dreaming only

Monday, November 2, 2009






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