Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Audit Report

Christmas Audit Report

Date: 24th Dec - 26th Dec 2010
Audited plants: Shah alam & Bukit tinggi
Auditor: Mr. Ring

Gambling during christmas? OOS!
Hongkong feet? OOS
Poisoning? OOS!
Eat without notifying, OOS!
Do not concentrate during eating, gossiping and not sharing! OOS!
Alcohol? Snack?OOS!
Mix and match? OOS!
OOS! Hamsap look!

Conclusion: Too many OOS found during this audit trip, each plant need to implement 5S, GMP, and HACCP. Will audit again in 6 months later.

Best regards,

Mr. Ring

Sunday, December 12, 2010


如果不是Hon Kee的订婚礼,我也很少有机会拜访你。


Auntie, 在另外的世界里要开心哦!加油!不用担心你的孩子们了,相信经过这件事以后,他们会更加坚强,更加的勇敢。

一路好走,good luck!

Mr. Ring

Sunday, December 5, 2010


今天出席了朋友的订婚暨House Warming party,心里觉得有无限的感慨。


恭喜你咯hon kee,在此祝你白头偕老,永浴爱河,最重要的是早生贵子!哈哈!

Mr. Ring

Saturday, December 4, 2010

V for Victoria Secret

Wow....i am so exciting now! I just finished watching Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010, and this year is fun and colorful as usual, amazing show of the year. All the angels are super duper stunning! I like the wings most, the creator is way too creative, bravo~

Enjoy the show, hopefully it will lighten your Saturday Night.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ann......The next Top Model

Finally finally......the winner was announced today.

Just finished watching the show and can't wait to share my excitement here. I found that i posted quite a lot posts regard Next Top Model cycle 15, it is quite unusual in Mr. Ring blog, however, this cycle does attracted me a lot, because high fashion is my top favorite!

The winner is expected, because she is labeled as high fashion model from the beginning of the show, she is super tall which fit the whole package of a model, she is unique in this industry (ya, noob is unique and special in America), she won 5 best photos in a row and broke the record of the history of Next Top Model, she is Italia Vogue, and she is Ann!!!!!!!

Congratulation Ann, you are my favorite top three (first and second will be Kayla and Jane), it is great to see you built up your confidence throughout the show. You have a high fashion look, but you really need to work out your walk in order the be the real TOP model in the entire world. All the best Ann, and good luck.

So, i guess this is the end of wonderful cycle 15, i need to wait till next year for the coming cycle, wooohooo :(

Have a good day to everyone, bye.

Mr. Ring

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Igor Andre

Hi all,

How's your day? Mr. Ring is super duper busy this week (perhaps next week to
o), one of my colleagues was going to marry and will be on leave for two weeks, tons of work are on my shoulder now. I am still fresh in the company but i know it is not the excuse for not performing well, the only thing i need to keep in mind is doing my best, and my extra best in every tasks given to me.
Today i found a very interesting and beautiful blog through newspaper, the name of this blog is Igor + Andre, the author is good in drawing and painting, i like her art pieces very much. Mr. Ring also is quite a good artist in schooling times, but being a scientist, my drawing and painting skill are transfering to scientific research now, hehe. Again, feel free to visit this blog, hopefully you will find your favourite art piece there. Have a good week!


Mr. Ring
p/s: Igor + Andre is linked under Fashion Forward now.

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