Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice chat...Appreciate

Thankyou to Sylvia and Jing Yi because as the topic above,i really enjoyed chatting with you all today especially when I shared my problems to you,and you are willing to listen and giving me responses.

I am not happy...I admit it.Many peoples had noticed my happiness and my laugh getting lesser nowadays...i am quite surprised because i dunno i changed such a lot.Ya,i am the person who cant hide my feeling,when i smile to can know i am whether really happy or not, straight is not colourful as i stepped in if compared to last year...the same date and same time.Peoples around you changed,environment changed,soon i will change to new house dy...but do i prepare for the changes or i refused to change?I think i am the second one...refused to change..because i am afraid...i am coward,physically and mentally.

I am not happy...i cut my hairs short...This is the only way i can feel that i am i really reborn?Haha...the process is still progressing...the answer always left unknown.

walking to the bright side... am I?

Is it the bright side in front?Or its just my imagination?

And...who is my hero?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Without noticeable, my holiday comes to the end.
I feel reborn and fresh again. There are not much things happened in this holiday since my holiday doesn’t match with the others, so majority of time I spent at home, reading some books and surfing internet. why I laugh?hmm...guess guess guess

However,please don’t think I am useless ok…except for the activities above; I also made 3 cakes this time! Two cheese cake and one butter cake even though one of the cheese cake considered failed coz it cracks on the surface.However,for the latest cheesecake that I made(today),it is very successful and beautiful!!!(Look at the photo).I love to bake cake, and I learnt a lot in baking either from my mum or one of my friends,Goh Kai Chuan…thank you because willing to correct me that the temperature is too high and the suggestion of using water baking.

Last Saturday I also attended the steam boat party which organized by my old schoolmates, thanks to Bong,Hui Hsien,Keat Yin and Fang Lian…I am quite surprised of your cooking talent because the chicken and tom yam soup are really tasty, I like it (tats why I ate a lot)! Really happy to have a nice chat with my old old schoolmates, it is very nice to have a gathering like that; hopefully we can meet more often next time. Guess...where is this place...?

There are 2 of my friends pregnant nowadays and one of them will give birth in the end of this month. There are hundreds of bless from me to you and your little coming baby…I upgraded to uncle level already, it is a sad news but also an inspiration for me to be more mature. Please take care for yourself and wish you have a cute and healthy baby lor!!!(But dun let your child call me uncle ok…)

Finally, I watched “Secret” which directed by Jay Chou dy.Well, it is out of my expectation, because I love the story, simple but touching. Although Jay Chou is a bit old in the movie but his talent in playing piano really impressed me. The actress, Gui Run Mei also looks fresh and pretty, she is very suitable to play the role of “Xiao Yu”…excellent, 2 thumbs up!

I guess you get the answer dy...thx slyvia because willing to be my cover girl~

All of all, I am very enjoyed in this period of time. Goodbye to my home town friends, I am ready to go back now. There are a lot of hurdles in front of me, and I really need the energy to pass it one by one, hopefully the energy that I rejuvenate this time is enough to bring me to the end!Aza Fighting!

If you think you can…sure you can!-Jolin

Sunday, October 14, 2007







Thursday, October 11, 2007

Evolution:The Beginning

It’s been a long time since my last blog…its time to re-open my blog and take it back what I said because tat period was a terrible time to me, as I said many times dy…directionless.

So how about my life now? Well,I enjoy staying at home, chit chat with my 3 “kepoh”sisters (they always share their own news with me even though some of them was a small matter…),baking cake (I did one cheese cake for my matric sister and one butter cake which follow the recipe from food processing lab work) and…watching HEROES!!!Thanks for Mei Theng; I admit that it is the best drama that I watched this year (so far), hit the top of my rank, hooraysss!

So how about my feeling now? Still moody? Or still directionless? I cant define now, for me, this holiday is a time for me to rest, it is not the time for me to think and review what I did so far in my life. So I am still directionless…and I am still moody sometimes…haha…I am perceptual since I was born, but when I am getting older, I become more and more realistic and selfish.

The world is not the world that I imagined 2 years or 1 year ago…peoples around me become more and more complicated…sadly to say, it included me. Not much people can figure out what I think now…because I had covered a thick coat on my body…and my soul. I am not allow it being hurt again…I am not the good person as you thought now, this is the evolution, to prepare myself to face the cruel world in front of me.

I am not evil, it just a protection…I think university is a place for me to change. When I watching back the time when I am in the orientation week and compare myself now, it changed a lot…a lot. I become more and more confidence, with my ability, my look, my talent and so on. I know got a lot of ppl behind which cant tolerate the things that I did or talked, but I dun care so much now, what I am said, its truly from my heart…if I hurt you, I am so sorry…as I said before, it is evolution…I dun want to be bullied by another person ANYMORE.

Moreover, the evil part only occupies 10% from my heart; so luckily, I am still can consider very nice, hehe. “You changed a lot” I love to hear these words, because it shows I am growing up. Like shi bin said…all the peoples are innocent…so I start not to blame anyone who hurt me, they are undergo evolution too~One day, they or I will know it is not a good way to deal with people like this, and we will learn from the mistake, and treat the others with a better way. Everyone is learning from mistake now…I forgive for those who hurt me, and hope those peoples can forgive me too~


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