Friday, June 29, 2007

Shopping Fever

Last Wednesday my friends and I went to sing K in Neway,it was kinda fun and it was my third time going to sing k within this 2 months holiday,haha,I love to sing!After that we went to Popular,since we all are book worm so we can stay there for quite a long time.I think all of us do enjoy in Popular especially when we learnt how to speak Cantonese from the book that Li Yoon flipping through.It was quite tired and boring for me to shop in City Square because I dunno how many times I been there since I came back from Serdang,but that day was exceptionally fun…you wanna know why?See the pictures that I taken below then you will know the reason.
Looks...ordinary"Tai Tai",diamonds really are woman best friends...

Omg...Rabbit from the moon coming down to earth dy...(No lar,she is the Miss Rabbit in casino lar! by Ah Keoh)

Li Yoon...acting cute really not suitable for you...Gui Rong,i am really sorry about that~hehe

Crocodile Hunters?Take care of your fingers hor...


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My friends test,have a try!

Create your own Friend Test here


第一名:杨丞琳 不需要拐弯抹角,我喜欢她的可爱,但这不是完全的。她可爱之于有带一点小刁蛮,小刁蛮之于有带一点任性。喜欢听她唱抒情歌曲,“暧昧”和“过敏”都是王子的最爱,每回听了都一定充满伤感,一定会被她的声音感动~

第二名:蔡依琳 Jolin的舞技已深深的吸引着王子了,“舞娘”绝对是一个经典。除了舞技之外,Jolin的用功也是王子学习的典范。“看我七十二变”,“野蛮游戏”,“睁一只眼闭一只眼”都是王子爱哼的快歌。

第三名:Hebe S.H.E出道至今,Hebe一直都是王子的最爱。喜欢她的沉默寡言,酷酷的样子,跟这样的女生在一起应该会挺刺激的,是数一数二的性格派艺人!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Makan Prince-Korean Food

I always being impressed by the korean dishes which show in大长今.It looks very tasty and colourful to me,it is quite different from chinese dishes, from the way they make the food until the pattern of the dinner set.Luckily I found one Korean restaurant in somewhere near my living place-Senai,for those who lived in Kulai or JB sure you will know lar,it quite near the Senai Airport.

I dunno how to spell this dishes,my friends pronounce like “Kimchi”,actually its quite spicy,inside got cabbages and tofus,it will whet your appetite before you start to eat,very nice soup!

Erm…this one I forget its name already,looks like spaghetti,and even taste like spaghetti too!I love to eat the noodles,its quite different from the normal noodles that we used to eat,I wonder what are the ingredients inside~

I think my English is very lousy,I am hard to describe the food lar…But I insist to use English because some of my friends dunno chinese~Overall,I give 4 stars out of 5 to this restaurant !!!You may have a try but the price is a bit scary~you know what I mean…hehe~

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fully Charged

I am full of energy today!After 9 hours of sleeping,I think all body’s batteries are fully it is a nice day to me ya,I love my mood now!

About my last post (Extreme Makeover),many of my friends said it was an interesting post,I think all of them were being shocked that time,that horrible oily cheesy face really doesn’t look like me right!Haha,all of them thought I was a slim boy since they first knew me,actually they are right because whenever I am fat,my shoulder,hands are still very slim but the size of my face,tummy and butt will increase until it becoming pea shape.Some of them said I became handsome dy…haha…nt handsome lar,but more confidence with my look,haha.

Yesterday watched Fantastic Four,rise of the silver surfer.I like this movie since the first episode because I like Jessica Alba,damm,she is hot ya…(my eyes blinking now)…at least this movie is better than spider man…my opinion lar.Spiderman is too heroic…sometimes I felt very stressful when watching it…fantastic four made me more relax.Besides that,spiderman got one person but fantastic four got 4 person,four different characters and powers…spiderman only got one type of power,i will feel very tired to see after repeating several times.

Yupp,I think I should stop here.Result out already,wish all my friends and coursemates can get good result lol…bye!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Extreme Makeover

I really want to take this oportunity to give hundreds of thankyou to Extreme Makeover Malaysia,they really helped me a lot and changed my life(muahahah…just kidding).I am getting fatter and fatter in my form 5 days without any specific reason,I didn’t change my diet habit,I didn’t eat any testosterone as well,but my body weight increased from 60kg to 68kg…a terrible nightmare to me.

Getting fat is not a main problem to me but the appearance of the pimples did almost kill me!My face totally destroyed by those tiny reddish pustule,and I cant really cure it because whenever I tried a new medicine…it grew even faster…oh my god~And you can see my skin…very dark right…because I attended swimming lesson that time…maybe swimming is a major factor of growing fat.Others than that,you can see my my hair style,what a hell?So old fashion,looks like a 40 years old uncle but still pretend like a young guy…so embarrassing…I really dunno what I am thinking that time.

That period was the most terrible time for me,my result dropped but my weight gained!Everyone said I look like an uncle and my dearest nephew even mocked at me, “haha…u all see…pimple monster coming already…haha”Pimple monster!?and nt just monster…but Pimple monster Uncle!!!!!!!arh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily after one year,my weight dropped to satisfactory level and my acnes getting lesser and lesser,my face didn’t big like a ballon now….and I am trying a new hair style now.Everything will be fine…this is what I used to comfort myself in that time…and it really worked.So…?If you think you are not beautiful and handsome enough,try to change it now,like what Chinese peoples always used to say, “天下间没有丑女人,只有懒女人”so as guy too!If you try,I am very sure that you may become pretty or handsome one day in the future…but forget about plastic surgery lar…just change it as natural as possible.Good luck to everyone!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


女人啊 你这个女人
贬低人家的自尊 狂笑他人的失误
妒嫉他人的优秀 夸大自己的本领

女人啊 寂寞的女人
孤独走完那一条路 会有你想象中的那么可怕吗?
一个人吃完一顿饭 会恐怖至令你吞不下吗?

所以我说 女人啊女人
伤及无辜是小 走火伤了自己可不是玩笑

女人啊 可怜的女人
难道你没发现到 你越是抓紧不放
不要再执迷不悟了 赶紧放下屠刀

总得来说 你这个女人中的女人啊
别在男人面前耍把戏了 你的手法一点都不高超
毒苹果在这年代已不管用了 比你漂亮的美媚比比皆是
如果真的不想孤独终老 还是把你的独门绝活好好收好。

女人啊 女人
所以说女人啊 (长叹~)


Monday, June 4, 2007







Friday, June 1, 2007


When i was studying,i hope holiday can come faster;When now i am in holiday,i hope that i can back to campus faster.I feel very boring and useless staying at home,i try to find job but unfortunately they dun hire me...because of my lame lousy SPM result...I dun have transport,so i cant go to seek a job which is far from my least need reachable and convenient by using public transport.My mum keep nagging me..."Aiyoh...look at your face...bigger and bigger already ler...but only one month passed wor...why u so dera de?"and my sister also said the same thing to me,and i know Jia-ning face the same problem with me...haha...except laugh,what else can i do?I also dun want be like this,maybe i give too many excuses,all because i am lazy...yes,sometimes i admit too.

Boring will bring me to a crazy state...sleep,eat,watching tv,online,and then another sleep,eat,watching tv...why i am so useless hah?I want go out!but my friends all busy with their job...i want go out,but my 14 years old car cannt bring me to the place...i want go out!but it is raining cat and dog...i JUST want go least go out from my house...


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