Saturday, August 23, 2008


What's wrong with my immune system?I am falling sick again and this time even worst than last 2 weeks.My legs and hands are freakin cold in the midnight and my throat is burning like an unstoppable fire...

I am sorry to my 2 seniors coz i really cannt help u to do ur survey at Amcorp Mall even though i really wish to help from the beginning until the end,i dun want be so irresponsible but i really need take more rest instead going out to squeeze the rapid kl and ktm train with ppl (sigh).I am so thankful to chin woon coz willing to fecth me to PK early in the morning and of course xiangpei,ur hot water really did warm my heart up (touch).Thankyou chee seng because ask me to go back with you and let ur mum cure me with ur family traditional medicine,but i think i can cope with this stubborn disease...and also sally,sorry to bring any problems to you coz ask u buy this buy tat to me,and thanks to yik weng,although u r not here,but ur call last night really almost made me emotiona ya~

I really wish can get well soon,because this is not my home,mummy not at my side even though i know my housemates wont care so much to take care of me but i really dun want to bring any troublesome to them...god bless me...god bless me...

Monday, August 18, 2008



请别怪我 因为我从没爱过
请忘记我 曾经对你说的做的
请原谅我 打开了你心里的那一扇门
请宽恕我 没好好地把它关上

其实爱与不爱 都很矛盾的
其实感觉 仍然停留在原地


Food Hunting

Sushi Zanmai
-It is recommanded strongly by joyce and ben during the test and it makes me so looking forward during the whole period of test1,haha.Btw,it's true that sushi zanmai is better than sushi king (my own opinion lar),at least its price is cheaper and the volume of the food also did satisfy me.After the nightmare of test 1,i think this treat really brighten my day a bit...
Kajang Satay
-I went there long time ago,and these pictures stay in my hp for quite a long time without notice.Before i am going to clear up my hp memory,i think i should put these photos here and share with u all.Even though kajang satay is one of the icon of Kajang town,but so far,i am not quite satisfy with the satay here,i maybe due to the place that i visited or maybe i used to the flavor of my hometown satay...Overall,the barley ice did impressed me a last i can saw the barley in the drink other than the one who made by my mother,haha~

I am not a food hunter,but i wish i can.I will try my best to fight with my wallet and try the good food anywhere around me.See you all next time,good luck!

Saturday, August 16, 2008




Saturday, August 9, 2008

True Friend Test 2008...lets try!

Create your own Friend Test here

P/s:If you are new user,you need to register 1st before you can view ur result.Pls try this test as fun ok...thx!

Mr.Ring Fish Market

As i promised earlier,now this is the post which specially dedicated to ppl who like fish!This week,our task is to prepare three different kinds of fish products which made from surimi,which are fish ball,fish cake and also fish finger.I think this lab is quite easy for us because all the processes are under machinery operation,what we should do is look and listen the description and instruction from the demonstrator.It is kinda fun but boring,however,the objective of this lab is not learn to cook,but evaluate the fish product that we produced.

Overall,i gave the highest rate to fish cake,follow by fish finger and the last which i really cannot tolerate its fishy smell is fish ball...really disgusting!or in terms of hokkien,"Gao Wet",haha.Next week i will bombarded by 4 subjects continuously from monday to thursday,hopefully i will not die terribly lol...see u all next time!

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