Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas surprise

I am mentally and physically prepared for a lonely Christmas, with no any outing, and just lie on my sofa and enjoy The Little Nyonya at 9pm.I am used to it dy, the weather here drive me lazy to contact my friends and ask them out to celebrate Christmas.However, something happened and twisted my Christmas day, Aerin called me and ask me out for a movie, what a huge surprise! Without any consideration, I accepted his invitation and quickly prepared for outing, hooray~~~I thought that I am the lucky one in my family coz finally I can go out in christmas, hehe….but just a few minutes after I picked up Aerin phone, my sister also being invited to have a yumcha session with her secondary friends, and suddenly my house left my youngest sister, and my parents ONLY….hehe….

Okok…we talk back my outing session with Aerin and Joon lar…We really long time no see lor since last gathering in mid valley. We chat a lot and it is quite surprised me becoz last time I feel a bit awkward during the gathering, I scared that our gap will become greater since really long time din meet dy; however, it is not at all, I think we all have a great time last night and it makes me think back our secondary school times when we used to hang out together. We went for two café last night in JB old town, and these two café really impressed me a lot. I like the vintage and classic environment of the cafés and it is really nice to chit chat there… quietly and peacefully……After yumcha then we headed to our movie session, and the movie we watched is The Bedtime Stories. I think this movie is just ok for me, got a bit funny elements but not very strong, and majority of times I felt quite bored.

Christmas should be the day we spend with family or friends which are close to you. I am happy coz this year I manage to do it both, haha…Really a nice Christmas to me…appreciates it deep from my heart. Thanks my family, Aerin and Joon.

See you, bye!

Mr. Ring
Nice right,disco light ler...but that little kid really pissed me off...i dunno he dun allow me to take photo (but finally i took it dy..hehe)

vintage look

Nice painting on the wall

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas dream

“Silent night...Holy Night…All is calm…Allis bright…”
Another Christmas without any partying, but it is ok for me because I got a lot of shows and books around me, truly satisfies. Today I finished my last journey of Harry Potter series, I abandon the books long time dy, juz feel that it is not so exciting like previous, or maybe, I lost the passion to read. I am growing older, I am not the one who fascinate Harry Potter during secondary school days…However, I am pushing myself hard to finish the book initially and glad to say that it almost attract my heart to keep following when the story become more exciting and truths are start to reveal one by one. I really think J.K.Rowling is a great author with full of imagination and creativity, thanks for bringing me such a lot of happiness during school days but sadly to say,muggle likes us still need to face the truth, we have no magic, so we must work hard to get what we want,haha…

Recently I took a lot of photos, hmm…majority are my self photos. People likes Soon Thing maybe start to nag me too 自恋 now, but nvm,I admit I am a little bit too over…haha…Since young I wish to be a model, but lately I found that myself dun have any good body figure to show, then I turn my interest into photo shooting. Hopefully I can be a good photographer (part time) in the future…haha…Pisces guy fall into his own dream again…

Oklar…Merry Christmas to all my friends…See you next time, bye!

Mr. Ring
Merry X'mas to you,you,and you!!!!

西米露...english should call...watermelon sago milk...haha..something like tat lar!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Couple of chocolate and cheese

Holiday is the best time for me to polish my baking skill; this week I baked two cakes, which are butter cake with raisin and marble chocolate cheese cake. Butter cake is easier because all the steps I learnt from my mum dy,the only thing I need to bear in mind while doing are the egg and flour whipping stages.However,for marble chocolate cheese cake, its steps are more complicated, thus I do it with my mum. My mum in charged of the chocolate part while I did the cheese part. Actually its methods just like the usual marble cake’s method, we just need to create the “marble” like texture and appearance while mixing chocolate and cheese together. At last, I really think it taste good, and my sisters also like it very much. Even though its appearance looks a bit messy here, but I am sure you will like it if you are cheese and chocolate lover, because it will give you a high mouth feel.

Baking is a challenging hobby for me because everyone can bake cake, but bake a tasty cake is not easy as we always think (as you know, my teacher is very strict one…). We need to know each method used in each cake making and the reasons behind (as a food technologist, the latter part is more meaningful to us).I really enjoy in cake making especially the moment I open the oven, and take the cake out….it is full of satisfaction with the sense of accomplishment…hehe…

Hope you enjoy your hobby too! See ya!

Mr. Ring

Marble chocolate cheese cake.Yellowish part is cheese and the dark brown part is chocolate.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Its been a week din update my blog,sometimes holiday will drive me become lazier…However, anyway, I am still glad to meet ah bong,shi bin,li yoon,keat yin,keoh,yen ling,and hui pin last weekend. Gathering is a wonderful event and this is what I always looking forward when holiday approaching. I think both of us really enjoyed it because we can share our recent life with each other and most important, update ourselves for the gossip cases around us,haha.While we talking and talking, eventually our topic switch to the latest drama hit which fascinate both of us, that is The Little Nyonya (I think I mentioned many times here dy…hehe…we are all addicted).I am quite surprised that so many peoples around me like to watch this show, and it proved that this show really worth to have a watch. Even though many of us quite disagree with the logicality of the story plot, but all in all, I think this show really success, at least it captured all the viewers’ heart and make them keep following as the story goes…I am not try to promote this show, but, it really brought a big impact for both of us, hehe.

Ok, I think that is enough for today. The day of industrial training is approaching soon; I am not yet prepare to face the reality, how? Please help me to sweep away my holiday mood….
Chocolate cake, although this is not the one I choose, but still nice…

Tayar kuih.My dad brought a lot of sweet potato home, so my mum try to use part of it to make this famous and common Malay dessert for us.

Ondeh-ondeh.Another nyonya dishes made by sweet potato.However,I think my mum still need to improve her skill coz the filling is too dry and it is not the type which can “melt in your mouth”…

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nyonya Impact

I think majority of us are addicted to recent drama “小娘惹”dy, me, my mum and my cousins. This is really a great drama so far in this year, the plot is good, both actors really can bring the spirit of each character to the viewer.Morover, the most important is it bring back the culture of Baba-nyonya to the young generation, this is the most unique and beautiful culture which inherited from our ancestors and specially found in the land of Malaya, and we really need to put a lot of effort to appreciate and preserve it.

One month passed and nothing much I have done in this holiday so far, what my daily routines are reading magazine, eating some good stuff prepared from my mum and my neighbor (yaya,she is really care about us, almost every morning I can received her blended fresh juice once I open my eyes,thankyou auntie 晓玲),watching TV, and sleeping…However, li yoon and hui pin are back dy,tomorrow will go yumcha with hui pin and hopefully next week can have a meet with li yoon and hui qi.

Oklar, even though boring life almost kill me, but I will keep find something interesting to post here. See you all next time. Bye.

Mr. Ring
Congratulation,this is the champion photo from the last poll! (special edited)

Kuih Tartar made by my cousin.

Butter cake made by me!Yeah,try new recipe and the output is far better than previous!

Mummy egg tarts,beloved of my whole family,yummy~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Nyonya

I think I am really addicted to Baba-nyonya culture dy,it is all due to the attraction of the latest drama “The Little Nyonya”.This is the new TV series of Singapore and happy to say that almost all the scenes are taken in Malacca and Penang. Since this drama just started to show, I think no point to judge on the story and actors; however, Singapore producer really put a lot of effort to film this show, many beautiful scenes are being captured and really surprised me. For those who can’t watch this show, you can watch it in youtube and for those who really wish to take a real look; you can have a Malacca trip and explore the culture by yourself.

That’s all for today, see you next time.
Mr. Ring

I love this tea pot set.quite match with the nyonya theme today hor...

Beautiful owl collection,surprisingly found in one clicnic!!!

Left: Nonya kuih made by my mum Right: Sweet potato soap

Sushi made by me and my mum!
Left: tuna mayo + fry minced pork meat Right: egg mayo + kappa stic

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