Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ANTM- When top models are M U D together

Its been a long time i have no post regarding Next top model cycle 16, it is due to two reasons:
1. There is no any exciting theme of past three weeks (couture, retro coffee commercial, baby jaguar).
2. I am very busy with my works, and whenever i wish i can report something on Top model, my laziness will drag me to somewhere else.

But i am really going to share the photos of this week, which amazed me finally.
The brunette team: I think this is the better one compare to blonde, esp Brittani, which has a very strong connection with camera. I start to love the bone structure of Mikaela, and i hope Tyra will not send her home because she really needs time to show up her potential.The blonde team: This photo is not consistent, felt like Alexandria is an outsider in the picture. Her pose and her smile do not match with other girls. However, i like the emotion of Molly, and it proved again that her true hair is far better than the weed.

So who will be eliminated tomorrow night? Stay tune my upcoming post!

Mr. Ring

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Killing RED (Oops, this is 18SG)

I am so into the cover of GQ UK recently!!! I was stunned at the bookstore, and the sexiness of Rihanna really caught me at the 1st sight ( i think it is the basic instinct of every man right). However, i can't flip through the magazine because it is sealed and it is damn so expensive to buy! Oh my Rihanna, i am so into your red hair, can i have one mama? I think my boss will get the red 1st if i do so.....
The element of GQ UK is so different from GQ US..
Oh....juicy strawberry + milk
Red hair on a bed of red roses, it is killing me!

Sex in the air, i don't care, i like the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me
(hot ya....whoa~)

Mr. Ring


Last night had my last dinner with Keoh, before he leaves us to Japan on 29th. God bless he will do everything fine there, fight the radiation, fight for his future. Gambate Ah Keoh, we are really proud of you......Sayonara!
Little souvenirs from us
The crab from Pulau Ketam
Last but not least, thanks S for your slow motion "W"

p/s: Photos provided by Sylvia, the TOP fans of W.

Mr. Ring

Monday, March 21, 2011

SOP of toilet bowl cleaning

i never post anything regards my facebook here, i always wish to keep some privacy there. But today, i really want to break my own record, 1st time ever publish my facebook status and comments in my blog! Because of you Ah Chan....your comment is not only funny, but seriously, it is very practical!For those who dunno how to use toilet, you better read carefully!

The story begin with me, who request my friends to come out an idea on how to write a standard operating procedure (SOP) for cleaning toilet bowl, flushing pee and shit. Obviously, i am pissed by someone's selfishness in using our toilet. After few seconds of posting, some friends did give me some ideas on it, see below:
but no one can defeat the comment from Ah Chan....i never thought he treats this status so seriously, please...please see his comment below:Salute ah chan! You enlighten my day man...can't stop laughing while reading your comment. Have a friend like him, i am blessed...haha

Mr. Ring

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Woohoo, this week is very happening, because this is my birthday week!
First of all, i wanna thank to my sisters esp Kayla, who made a special multimedia greeting card for me, you know i am not that kind of sweet talk person, but it is truly amazing and beautiful.
Other than Kayla, my mum also made a homemade sponge cake to me, and without any doubt, this is the best sponge cake i have eaten in my entire life, bravo 二姑娘!
Sponge Cake

Next group of peoples that i wanna thank so much is my lovely colleagues, thank CW and KH for your kindness in helping me to change my tyre (tyre punctured on my way to celebration, what a bad luck), thank Sophie and Evelyn for your interesting gifts, and also thank to LM, AP, MH, MS for attending the dinner, i am really happy to hang out with all of you that day.

Deng deng! Now is the turn of my beloved Kulaian! I need not to thank much here, because you all know i am really happy for the time that we group together, koren food is nice, the environment is great, even the boss treated us likes VIP; sky lounge is beautiful (though is a bit bored), and alcohol made us high as usual. T.H.A.N.K you so much Kulaian.
We are shooting everywhere, including in the lift...haha
Sky Lounge
Kimchi and BBQ
The uniform of the celebration-Seablue and black

OOps, i am almost forget you and you. My top fans, thank you for your "live" show, it is really memorable. And thank to LL, your mms reminded me the day we spent in TGI Friday, the muffin cakes that you bought for me, see you in BKK trip ya!Haha....

Last but not least, thank you everyone who wishing me through sms and facebook, i am really appreciate every single of your greeting deep from my heart :)

25 is the turning point in my life, i wish i can earn more money but enjoy my life at the same time, hopefully this is a great year to me and to you too....

Good luck.

Mr. Ring

Sunday, March 13, 2011


两首关于 "YOU" 的歌曲

罗志祥- 独一无二 Only You

潘玮柏- UUU


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hidden message

There must be a hidden story in every photo
There must be something that photographer always wish to tell
It may be his wonderland....or sometimes, the deadly hell...

Oops! Do you find anything?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ANTM- Makeover

Makeover is the most important element in ANTM, it will bring you to state of high fashion or sometimes, bring you down. Recall back the red hair of Kayla from last cycle which fascinated me throughout the entire times? Red hair is truly enhance her charisma and made her stand up from the others too.

Makeover of this cycle isn't really exciting compared to previous except Brittani, who had a black bob hair cut. I prefer the long blonde hair of Brittani, it just a bit uneasy for me to accept her new style now, perhaps it takes time. Overall, all girls did look more high fashion after the makeover, bravo again for Tyra team! *claps*

Stay tune for upcoming makeover episode of America's Next Top Model.
Brittani- black bob
Molly- "lion" curly blonde
Dominique- curly red

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ANTM- you wanna BEE on top?

This week of top model is flooded by many beeeeeee-utiful photos, because our top model need to shoot with bee, yes, BEE.

Theme of this week just reminds me the beauty shot with snake which featured in cycle 1, more accurately, cycle 1 of 6 years ago. 6 years???!!! I have been watching America's Next Top Model for 6 years! That is extremely wonderful, and quite incredible at the same time. It is because i am hardly stick with one TV show for such a long time......really can't deny that i am the huge fans of top model, haha...

Best photo of this week just walked away by Hannah, who actually has an emotional photo, which Tyra and the judges thought it is the true feeling from her inner part. Well...hmm...i still give my vote to Brittani, her photo is strong and really captured my eyes at the first sight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make up tutorial for guy

Finally, Michelle Phan is doing a make up tutorial for guy, again! I am happy she realized that more guys are willing to put on make up nowadays. Of course, we are not going to make up like girl, but at least we can apply some light foundation and concealer to cover up all those blemishes, and acne scars.

To cover blemish, dark circle, and acne scars , you may refer to video 1. It is quite simple and looks really NATURAL...

For those who want to look like a rock star, esp just like Adam Lamberg, you may learn from this recent video:

Guess what i found in the video above? Michelle is not allowed for any comments for this video, the main reason might due to over flooded by anti-guy make up comments...sad..we are not encouraging guy to become likes woman, but everyone is deserve to look pleasant, this is the point! Wake up!

Hope you enjoy the videos, good luck.

Mr. Ring

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