Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fireworks of VS

Dear all,

Mr. Ring is so eager to watch Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010 now...but i cant find any source to watch, seems no one post it online :(
However, here i found a very interesting video, which featuring Fireworks from Katy Perry and all the VS angles this year, feel free to watch this clip 1st while waiting the whole show being uploaded in youtube...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fierce walking versus High fashion photos

Well, quoted from previous post “agree or not, this is the game of her, not for the real fashion industry"...Ya, although anger is still linger in my heart, now is the battle between Ann and Chelsey, and this will be my second last post for America's Next Top Model cycle 15.

Without any doubts, Ann is more high fashion than Chelsey, and without any arguments, Chelsey can walk more 100x fierce than Ann, so it is quite hard to predict
who is really the winner of this cycle. As we know, Tyra loves Ann, so do the rest of the judges; However, both Versace director and Vogue Italia editor like Chelsey, it is quite hard for Tyra to balance between the real industry and competition ya, tyra...u better do a brilliant choice THIS time..

So who will be the Next america's Top model? My vote goes to Chelsey...Ann is way too nerd and noob...(sorry to Ann's fans)...

Mr. Ring
Chelsey earthy shoot
Ann covergirl photoshoot
Chelsey covergirl photoshoot
Who who who will be the winner of cycle 15? Stay tune on 2nd December!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Motion editorial?!

Ok, i am the huge fans of America's Next Top Model, started from cycle 1 till cycle 15 now, i almost never miss one single cycle. I know Tyra Banks very well, from the way she talk, she act, she model, i just understand her pattern from tip to toe....

However, motion editorial is a huge huge huge dissapointment of me toward Tyra. What is that actually? Every single model need to bring their portfolio to meet clients or photographer, this is the practice all the way in the modeling history. Ya, i know she always want to do something special, but motion editorial really not sounds functioning at all. We are not looking into actor, we want model, a good model who has stunning photographs and good walk. Acting angry, sad, happy, or even whispering their names is wrong wrong wrong concept at all! Also, this video is not high fashion, the story is confusing, the cutting is rough....if i din watched the whole episode of 11, i dun even know what is the motive behind.

Sadly to say, they eliminated Kayla and Jane, who do not doing well in this "motion" editorial, and they chose Ann to be the best picture again...Ann, yes, the awkward and noob model. If she win, then she will be the 1st America Next Noob Model....

Here are the Motion editorial, which Tyra banks think is the summary of all the lessons from episode 1 till 11 in cycle 15, agree or not, this is the game of her, not for the real fashion industry.

Mr. Ring

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High fashion statue

This week, models will be the statue in Italy, not only to be high fashion statue but also need to create chemistry and spark between male model. Again, i predict Kayla or Jane will get the best photo for this week, both of them are real stunning in the pictures esp Jane.

Mr. Ring

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deepavali @ Singapore

I am quite frustrated with my recent life, my mood is all upside down due to working, pressure, and of course, the boring life in JB. Since i have three days off in my hands this week, i decided to go Singapore with my bff, not for shopping (although i ended up with a piece of t-shirt), but for the artistic trip.

Destination of this trip included Singapore Art Musuem (which was the 2nd times i been there) and Marina Bay (the 3rd times i been there). I like Marina bay the much, environment is damn so nice, and i found it is a good place for heart-to-heart talk with friends. SAM is stunning as usual, i am so impressed with the children art activity which organized on that day. Their concept is to attract children to build up a passion on coloring and painting, it is so simple yet meaningful.

Fashion is my passion. So I have took quite a numbers of pictures too, thanks Sylvia for being my model (next time you should put on some make up, just a light make up to cover up all the imperfections). Last but not least, thank you Felicia for bringing me to Marché restaurant, i like the food and the environment very much!!!!hehe...

Bye Singapore, see you later.

Mr. Ring

I like the expression given by Felicia, so girlish and young. Sylvia, beware of your mouth, because it is not-so-fashion in this photo.
When you serious in the photoshoot, actually you are doing quite good, Sylvia, hehe...
What is so secretive Felicia?Deepavali decoration in SAM.This photo is stunning after edited, good!

Marche restaurantMarina Bay newest layout, finally they threw all those plastic bags away, haha...

p/s: In Angmo dictionary, "See you later means good bye" (Felicia, 2010)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Meiji is the branded chocolate confectionery company in Japan. Their well known chocolate in southeast asia is Meiji Panda! However, there are a lot more chocolates manufactured by them, i am lucky enough to taste some of it, happy~

Btw, what is the meaning of "Meiji" in Japanese?
My favourite...yummy.

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