Saturday, October 30, 2010


I like Kayla since the day she transformed to red hair...And the latest picture of her in Vernice is damn so nice, stunning! Really hope she can get the best photo for next week, she is urban, she is high fashion, she is true! Being lesbian is not her fault, people should respect them instead of humiliate, and isolate them. Go go Kayla, be the 1st lesbian of America's next top model!
Last but not least, wishing you all have a nice Halloween party tonight! No party in my town, sad :(

Mr. Ring

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Convocation of Mr. Ring (part II)

It was a fun graduation ceremony, no tears, but lot of laugh.
We still talk a lot like what we did at school; we still kepoh a lot, exchanging latest status between each others; we still argue a lot, regarding the post relationship problems among us; and of course, we still crazy a lot, esp Jacky Chan, the funniest ppl among us (I bought the DVD and i will spread ur awkwardness to my grandma, haha).

I am extremely happy to see all my beloved friends, hopefully they are happy to see me too, haha...






Monday, October 11, 2010

Convocationn of Mr. Ring

Tik tok tik tok...
Tomorrow is the big day of Mr. Ring,
His convocation, maybe is the one and only one...
Does he nervous? Not really...
Does he exicited? Not really...
But he is looking forward to meet his coursemates...esp yik weng, jacky, joyce, kc, yong chew...etc

tik tok tik tok...left 7 hours before departs from house...
What is going on tml? No idea...really has no idea...

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My life is kinda frustrating this week.

Firstly, serious monday blue plus forgot to bring my ID card to office, which caused me being blocked by every entry including toilet (sigh).

Second is meeting minute, edit and edit, update and update, again and again...still not satisfy by others, i surrender, i am not that kind of particular person, give me a range please...

Lastly...(i hope it will be the last though still have 3 days to go for this week)Being critic "Biadap" by an old, experience, malay colleague. I know i shouldn't take this in heart, but this word is too harsh for me. What means of "biadap", he should asking himself or at least flip thru dictionary before put that on me. Am i being rude to you? Am i not greeting and not smile to you? U sound like i am not teaching well by my parent, and you sound like this is the fault of my parent! Not only you are hypersensitive, i am extra hypersensitive toward this word too. I know i dun have any qualification to judge on you, but at least, pay the only little respect to me, and to my parent. If i am doing anything wrong, please confront to me, i will apologize if really is my fault.*sigh*

Initially wanna to write about my fav contestant from ANTM cycle 15, but my anger urge to relief before going to explode...

Mr Ring is not doing well this week...

Not good at all!
Kayla- My top fav from ANTM cycle 15 so far...she is a lesbian.
Love her make over, love the color of her hair...can i have one too boss?

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