Monday, August 27, 2007

Wild Wild West

Many things happened nowadays,and let me describe it one by one.

1)Last last saturday,a gang of us went to Sungai Wang to relax just after the deadly test..we took our lunch at Nando,that was my first time to eat at Nando,i chose the least spicy chicken since i cant really eat spicy food...but at the end,no spicy at all,it was just a bit boring to me.Later on ,we splitted into 3 groups,and ghy heng,yik weng and me decide to shop by ourself.The first thing in my list was Jolin Di Cai live concert DVD,i wanna to have it long long ago,and surprisingly it was out of stock in Klang and The Mines when i asked my friends helped me to buy it...I am so dissapointed and i really hope that i can found it in Sg.Wang...after visited 2 CD shop which also the same answer,"No stock"...finally i got it frm Hong Kong CD Shop,i m very excited that time,yeah~~~finally i got it!

2)Last Friday,paul,chee seng,ghy heng and me wen to mid valley to buy the things for our course night.I bought a white collar shirt from Radioactive,i like it very much but a bit expensive to me even though got 50% discount.It was a tired day for us because we need to carry many things from mid valley and went back to Serdang by legs almost paralysed.Summore i am not singing well,"melody"really a very challenging song to me,i need more time to practise but...i only left not more than 24 hours to practise...(sigh)

3)Deng!Course night!I am the MC of the night,i dunno i am doing well or not because everything was in the rush,but some of my friends gave me a high rate for my perfomance that night,it did made me feel a bit happy about it..hehe.Thankyou to you all~

4)I am going back to Kulai this friday,one month din go back lor,miss my mum dishes and miss many things...I need to relax dy...i really need it!
P/s:I will try my best to upload the photos of our course night,just give me some time.
practising...nervous now! yik weng and me

Lilian and me

He or she is our junior...his or her name is "suan cai" Our course beauties....hehe :)



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

我不能选择不说 *updated*


我不能选择不说 不能让自己从这里跳脱

我不能选择不说 至少让我保留一点真我

至少关上了门 我依然是我

我不能选择不说 不想背负虚伪的外壳

我不能选择不说 良心不愿再遭到谴责
他们再怎么说 我也不想再多躲
与其让你们讨厌我 到不如真正的了解我


Monday, August 13, 2007


Last night was a cold night to me...i thought it was my day when i wake up from sleep...but it won't,i should know it.

I dun think i can stand for her attitude anymore...i know i am not a perfect person but she is really trying to over my boundary now,i cant hold my temper soon,i am not a Mr.Nice...dun..pls dun do it in front me again...I REALLY DUN WANT TO BE MEAN!!!!Keep your mouth shut and pls dun control me like how you control your pet,pls dun give me that stupid confusing eyes contact if u think what i am saying is not ur taste.I can walk alone,eat alone,study alone,and do anything alone...dun think i am the lonelinest in this planet,on the other side,you are the lonely and fully dependent animal at your place!!!

(Sigh)...although i am not happy,but i am glad that i still have the chance to eat alone today,enjoying the spaghetti and my favourite magazine in the shop which majority of us will ignore when passing through...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Don't Play This Song!!!

Don't play this song lar,chee seng....

This is what i used to shout this morning while i am painting the banner for our faculty BBQ night,it is not an easy job man...i realised that i cant do well in painting ler...but why ler..?i also dunno.But i try to paint it as beautiful as I can...if the result really not satisfy,then hope everyone dun blame me(but i wont let u know which one drawn by me).
Why i shout for that song ler?Bcoz it really made me pengsan lar,this is not the time to play pop song here,some more i also dun like Avril...hehe~

So...i think i wont join the kesenian or what kebudayaan group anymore...i dun have such talent in this field...Finally i know it is different between painting and drawing...sigh~

Friday, August 10, 2007



Weekly Report:
1)Ice cream from old flat-RM1.20,not so good...melt fastly but at least nt too sweet.
2)Prinkles-Finished it in 3 days...
3)Verbena bread&cake-so nice...i luv to eat Verbena bread and cake bcoz of it freshness~
4)MaiKeShi bread-So so least better than its kaya bread.

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