Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cycle start!

Guess wat cycle that i mention here?Is the cycle of CW time!

Firstly, we have America's Next Top Model cycle 15~The latest cycle of Tyra game show will be more high fashion than previous, less drama is expected, more fashionable models are in the bunch. And dun forget the excellent prizes from the game, the winner will walk away a contract with IMG models, $100,000 contract with cover girl cosmetics, and fashion spread in Vogue Italy! I am pretty shocked for the prizes this time, i think these are the best and TOP prizes among all the cycles...
Last but not least, the international destination for this cycle will be ITALY, Vernice...
Cycle 15 of America's Next Top Model will be aired on 8 September 2010. For non america citizens, you can keep track the episode thru youtube, all you need is the patience of waiting for uploading, believe in me, it worth, haha.

Next will be Gossip girl, a brand new season 4 will be aired on 13 September. After the long and boring of season 3, i truly hope this season will bring back the excitement in season 1 & 2. The first two episodes of gossip girl will be set in France, follow up the ending from the last episode of season 3. Guess wat? Chuck bass is alive! And Georgina is back! Dan will be the father! And how about the relationship of Dan and Vannesa? Will Jenny Humphrey back to the season? Haha...this is the secret that i never told, you know you love, xoxo...
Just love this picture

Update done, lets enjoy our Merdeka holiday~
Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Mr. Ring

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

春天的香气 Fragrant of spring

Haruka means "Fragrant of spring", or 春天的香气.
A very good and meaningful name.

Yesterday was the big day of Haris, my secondary schoolmate, coz it was the opening of his cafe- Haruka Cafe. He is the 1st young boss among us, we all really proud of him. Even though it is quite competitive nowadays, still hope Haruka Cafe can sustains in this market for a long long long time...

Dare to dream, dare to achieve, this is what I learnt from Haris...

Hoefully i have my own business one day in the future...

Good luck Haris!

Mr. Ring

Saturday, August 7, 2010


What a good saturday with starbuck, esp their mocha...Thankyou Viola who accompanied me all the day, although you still need to prepare for trial test...

I am happy today, hopefully you are happy too~

Mr. Ring

Thursday, August 5, 2010






Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No title

i hope that during my free time, i can have a camera with me, snap shoot the feeling in my heart from the surrounding and sharing here.
In the future, i hope i manage to deliver my feeling through every picture here...i hope.

Monday, August 2, 2010


This is really a late night post, i am going to sleep soon...haha...
Okok, before going to have my nice dream, let me introduce a singer which impressed me last few days.

She is Zee Avi...Love her voice so much..!And i am so proud of her coz she is Malaysian!!!!No time to listen all her songs now, but Kantoi is my fav so far. This song is fun and very suitable to play in vintage style cafe, like Roost or That's cafe in JB town...Feel free to visit her website as all of her songs can be played there...

Good night...

Mr. Ring

Sylvia. The craziness.

Nova style, fashion blog which recommended by Sylvia. I promise i will write a blog juz for her, here it comes!

She is a crazy girl, this is 100% true, her craziness almoz drive me to die everytime. She speaks loud, acts loud, sings loud, and she cries quite loud too....These are all my 1st impression on her, and everything on her was changed as time goes, except this craziness, like a concrete which built in her body strongly, never ever change.Btw, she likes to do little small thing to cheer her fren up, like mango pudding lar, knitting lar, drawing lar, manicure lar......this is why she is quite popular in our circle. Honestly, her craziness annoyed me sometimes, coz it is juz too over the top...However, believe you me, this is the thing that i miss a lot when she is not around...

So, i think there are enough words to describe this crazy girl, thankyou for bringing happiness to us, life is quite boring without you. Btw, i really hope that you can find your Mr. Right soon, i know you tak boleh tahan loneliness...haha..

Happy birthday once again...God bless you.

p/s: One of my fav men fashion magazine , Jul/Aug issue out now!

Mr. Ring

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