Sunday, February 27, 2011

You are what you are? Not so for reality TV show

I found this video is damn funny but true interesting. Over 16 seasons of America's next top model, i think no one knows every contestant well than Tyra herself. Fake girl, fake tears, fake personality and fake screaming (typical top models behavior whenever they saw Tyra bank).

Some said it is so hard to be urself in the competition, because cameras are everywhere from dining room, bedroom, and maybe, bathroom. But this is what reality show is! People likes to watch the real emotion of every contestant but it turned up to be all fake!Untrue!

Luckily, Tyra is finding the Next Top Model, despite whatever your acting skill are, what they or we want is good posing, high fashion photo and fierce walk! Lets hope this will be the great season as cycle 15, we need more Ann, Chelsea and Kayla now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ANTM- Backstage

First episode of America's next top model cycle 16 wasn't exciting as cycle 15, less fresh faces and some of them even look-alike with previous contestant.There is no casting week in this season, Tyra had cut it out, and i think it is really a good ideabecause it is quite boring and meaningless sometimes.

This week, models need to take a classy and edgy backstage photo while preparing for a real runway show. And the model who walked away the best photo for this week is MOLLY. I agree with tyra, she looks stunning in doing with her hair, class!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Born this way...gaga

Born this way...说出很多人的心声
Maybe it is still early to say, but perhaps, or maybe, this will be the song of year 2011! Good job lady gaga, love you love you!

Top Model Fever >>>B E G I N

Tyra is back! America's next top model is back! Cycle 16 will be aired on 23 February 2011, stay tune in youtube to keep track the fastest update!

^^ can't wait can't wait!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bunny year 3

Really don't wan to say good bye to new year, i wish time can moves slower a bit so that i have more time to hang out with friends.

One of the annual activities for every new year is LOU SANG! Every people must say few of good words during the whole "lou sang" process, guess what i was saying? Hoho, i want a iphone 5 and Lumix GF2! I know it is hard to have both at one time, but still, i hope i manage to get one at this bunny year, golden rabbit please bring tons of fortune to me please...
Baby cup ice-cream
Huat ah!
Lou sang materials
Fong lian's adorable...

Gong xi fa cai to my beloved friends once again, and hope to see you all soon!

Good luck.

Mr. ring

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bunny year 2

First of all, do we have any difference between 2010 and 2011? Haha, hopefully the answer is a big "NO".

Happy New year to all my beloved friends! As usual, we have a lot of funs and laughs in our annual reunion gathering. I will not going to say much here, just let the pictures to tell the story, cheer!
Ming shan, long time no see fren...when are you going to marry girl?My ang pao is ready now!
I cant help myself not falling in love in this picture...nice right?
My sisters, my cousins...we are family...
Chiouh Huah...the going-to-be doctor, seeing her in future is not a good thing...hehe
Felicia and her ang mo bf...we look so young in this photo ya (indeed we are, muahaha)
Shi bin, the organizer of this reunion gathering...big applause for her because i know it is not-so easy to invite people at this age, muahaha...
Keoh, the going-to-be japan guy, i will miss u a lot because there will be one more kaki left us from March...
My ji ji mui mui...

All in all, it is the time for me to say some words to some of you:

Shi bin: I believe there will be someone out there waiting for us, before both of us engage to other people...i will be the best companion to you...hehe

Keoh: Good luck man, we are really proud of you. You are the best of the best!

Bong: Thank you for the in house karaok system, thank you for the fireworks, thank you for your warm hearted treat...can i ask for more?hehe

Sylvia: Top fans, don't miss me so hard, i am very active in know what i mean.

Haris: Young entrepreneur, all the best to your business, i am sure u will taste the fragrance of spring soon!

Chiouh huah: Good luck to your final exam, and welcome back to JB soon! One more kaki one more kaki!

Hui hsien, lina, fong lian: Ji mui, dont forget the birthday celebration ya...haha...

For the rest of my friends: All the best in year 2011, G O O D L U C K !

p/s: For those who want to review the CNY post of 2010, you may click the link below:

Mr. Ring

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunny year Go Go Go!

Its been a while having no news here, i apologize for my laziness. However, i promise i will never quit blogging, updating and sharing is my passion, will try to update if there is time...

First of all,

Happy chinese new year to all of you! May this prosperous bunny year will bring tons and tons and tons of luck to all of us, good luck!

...To be continued...

Mr. Ring

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