Monday, February 25, 2008


Nowadays my mood was so intense when i woke up from sleep,this is because when you open your eyes,the first sight in front of you is someone who is very very hardworking...seriously doing their assignment,report or even study(if got time).This is the normal scenario of my house....i think my house like an office...the "staff" work from night till morning...eyes stare in front of pc continuously....dunno what they are really busy of...feel that i am the only lazy ppl in the house....arh....let me out!Sometimes,i wonder do I make the wrong decision of moving house?I found that i am getting harder and harder to adapt this intense life recently.

I know you will say.."relax...dun compare urself with others.."but this is really hard to archieve it...for me...i will try not to compare...but sometimes the big environment will force you to move it on although you really no mood to do it...then my pressure will arise and the whole day is not as colourful as i thought dy.

I am quite a hyperactive ppl...i cant just sitting there untill finish my is very impossible to me...I am quite admired those who can handle their pressure well...because they play hard...and work hard for the same time.For me...i juz think i am the intermediate...i stucked in the confusing situation and lately i found that i mostly lost in my life...the directionless situation like last year appear again...and this is the thing that i dun want to face again in this brand new year...omg...somebody out there...plz help me!

This intense morning will pull my mood down to the lowest level....i dunno i can even put a smile on my face today or not...intense....intense....intense....

Sunday, February 17, 2008


今天是情人节,不属于我的节日,但我却很期待有一天能够和我爱的人一起渡过。为了不让自己在家里胡思乱想,所以决定和几个朋友一起去大吃一餐!去了PJ附近的“明天”大排挡,真的被那里的气氛有点吓到,因为是高级一点了啦,我还以为是像古来21哩的那样。。。哈哈。气氛很好,选择也蛮多样化,吃了很多食物,总觉得鱼翅面让我念念不忘。吃完了,朋友说要去THE CURVE走走,我心理想“不会吧,难道你还要我触景生情?”果然没错,广场里没有任何一个角落是没有情侣牵手的,就连平时没人坐的石头,顿时也变成他们的抢手货。最最最讨厌那一群买花的小美媚了,难道他们没看到俺老爷没女伴吗?干吗还缠着人家买嘛,真是的!我说情人节啊,下次没情人可真的别去shopping啊!


Monday, February 11, 2008



I am not satisfy with the new year holiday!Its too short and everything is in the rush...haiz...
btw,i am still very happy to see all my old friends...some are changed a lot and some are still the same...but one thing still remain in everyone heart is...the true friendship that we build up...really appreciate it.

I am very touch of what mr.tee talked to us...and i know this is the hard time for him and also for every teacher in my x-secondary school...but no matter what,i believe both of them will take it as a challenge...and won't easily give up,jia you!

There are nothing much to write here...because i dunno how to express it..its juz too happy to meet leom,teacher huang,pn chai,mr chua,mr tee and also puan tham...especially for the bbq which organized by mr chua and puan tham,it is great and wondeful...i am sure everyone will enjoy although we are very very tired at that time dy...hehe.

I think i should stop here...and prepare for the classes today...see u all next time!!!

p/s:Jia-ning,slyvia...remember send the pictures to me ok...!

My lovely family

Friday, February 1, 2008

Test 1=Final Exam

I juz finished doing my test 1...the last subject,food chemistry.It is an interesting subject but the test is not least you pay 100 % attention in class....yes,100%,less one percent then you might not be answer the questions...tough man.

Many peoples this test 1 really terrible...more and more standard and application questions come out,and you can't really answer it well if you didn't put a lot of effort in references,searching info through internet...and waterver looks like the final exam that we sit last 2 months ago,terrible nightmare,i am really surprised to know that being a Food Technologist is not a simple and easy deal...

"one mistake in food analysis...will cause your company lose million and million of money!"-Dr.K

That's why i am so careful when doing food chemical component analysis,juz one mistake,you will be fired from the company.I rather being fired than want me to pay the way!

Tml will go back dy,goodbye to all my coursemates,Happy Chinese New Year and see you again next next week.For my dearest hometown friends...i cant wait to see you all and get ang pau from your parents....haha...

That's all...Bye!


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