Tuesday, November 27, 2007




Kok Hong,I really proud of you!Good luck man,you look very smart wor…haha!Sure manygals will fall in love with you when you coming back to school : )

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advanced Weekly Report

The magazine-Men's Uno,I-weekly,Free health magazine from Watson,Sin Chew Jit Poh
The hair styling gel -Gatsby rubber and Gatsby Hard Water gel

The facial wash-Nivea double action ,Nivea energising scrub

The moisturizer-Nivea Oil Control Moisturizer

The book-Harry Potter

The shaving foam-Gillette lor...haha

The food-Cheese cake,pudding,pop corn,herbal eggs,corn ice-cream... (all home made)

The TV show-America's Next Top Model,Bird of paradise,Heroes,Guess x3

The music-Chong Bai,Rainbow

The movie-Blind Dating

The video-SMKSI fighting video,Jolin Agent J concert,Jay Chow new MV...

The project-painting and unfinished secret project...

That's all of my weekly report,next week will be a better week to me gua...hopefully!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Color up my life

I love this afternoon…because I got the mood to do some painting. I don’t know when the last time I paint was or I draw already, because drawing is the greatest interest born with me, felt so sorry to abandon it. By the way, I like the painting today, it is not very nice but meaningful.

Color up my life, and color up your life too!

i love to hang my "products" on this tree..hehe!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


最近我中毒了,我爱上了小薰!不知道什么原因,可能她太可爱了,又有双电眼,哎哟,就是太美了啦!这都要怪我老妹,借了 “18禁不禁”和 “黑糖玛琪朵”,让我被小薰的样子给吸引住了。其实“18禁不禁”还蛮好看的,但“黑糖玛琪朵”就。。。太夸张了,是一部闹剧,如果没有小薰的出场,我应该不会坚持看下去。


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Yeah…this semester finished dy! I am so released, at least can take a long break, enjoy my free time and get away from books…this is what I really looking for during buried my head in the tests.

So long din update any news from my blog, actually I am not feeling well during this period. Pressure arising is a definite factor and also allergy become a rising problem to my health. But finally, it is all over now, I am healthy again…even though I am still very thin (I try my best dy…but weight doesn’t gain much, sigh).

To all my collegemates, it is also time to say goodbye now because I am moving to Sri Serdang dy.I like the freedom of staying outside, at least I can wear short pant and slipper to everywhere and the most important….I can get rid of being Mr.Cinderella, so..?Countdown party, I am waiting for you now!!!Hahaha! It is a new start for me because I need to adapt the new environment and also, new roommate and housemates. I will try my best to live happily with them although there might be many problems in the future.

Some friends asked me, “What are you looking for in this holiday?” and I became speechless suddenly, I have no answer or maybe I have too many answers. I try not to give any expectation and plan anything in this break because it always doesn’t happen, something maybe interrupt in the middle or I am lazy to follow up the schedule, so just relax…and let it happen when it happened.

Erm…I think that’s all I need to talk here. Happy holiday for those in holiday now!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

“Your update is successfully”

Hello to all my friends…how are you there?
Mr. Ring kinda busy nowadays, with test and also busy in moving house, so can’t update my blog so frequently. By the way, my life is getting better and better now even though sometimes I used to be alone and less talkative, but I am ok, I wont end my life so soon.

Just want to clarify something’s…the reason of cutting my hair short is…no reason.Really, I just think this short hair is suitable for me now so I asked the barber to cut it, I know it is ugly, but at least I look more fresh right…some more I never been a superb handsome guy before, some more still got ppl said it I am handsome…muahahahakk…so?

I will back to hometown for a short period of time, just want to take a look of my parents and my sisters then I will come back to UPM again, for preparing my final final test (last chance to pull me back from the hell)…I did terribly in both test 1 and 2, I am pelajar bermasalah A, and I really dun want this happen in my final exam already, god…please bless me.

I think I should stop here, thankyou for viewing my blog, see you next time!

Mr. Ring

Bonus: The sweet moment from Jolin Agent J movie.

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