Sunday, July 25, 2010


Not mean to critic here, but it is happy to know that the latest name of her album is "be myself", rather than "vogue" or "vogueing". Yes, she is Jolin Tsai. There is a song that i like the most in her upcoming album, called "小伤口", talking about the hurt that she experienced from previous relationship. It is quite safe to sing this kind of song coz easier to accept by public. Nevertheless, it still touch my heart...a nice song which strongly recommanded by me.
This is not the spirit of Vogue, these photos are more to catalog photo, like what Tyra Bank used to say in America's Next Top Model.
Anne Hathaway! America version of Vogue magazine.
p/s: Bryanboy website was linked under fashion forward. He is a popular fashion blogger from Phillipine. Feel free to have a look if u wan to know the latest trend of fashion or the show attended by him~And dun forget Michelle Phan too, keep track her latest make up tutorial, dun be lazy if u wan to be pretty.
Enjoy, have a nice sunday to you!
Mr. Ring

Big day of 二姑娘

I never know her age (48 or 49?) but i never forget her birthday.
No matter how old she is, a birthday celebration is a must in my family.
Because of that, my 2 sisters came back home purposely, just to attend her birthday celebration.
We felt happy when we knew she loved the food. Hopefully she stays healthy, and be more happy for the rest of the year...

Happy birthday once again, 二姑娘~

p/s: Dun expect any "mama i love you or muacksss" here, this is not the culture of Ring's family, haha...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bridal look

New update from michelle phan! I like this bridal look so much, it is simple and yet charming (better than her lady gaga, avatar, or sailormoon tutorials...hehe). Enjoy watching, and feel free to have a try~

Mr. Ring

GQ's 50 Hottest Fashion Photos

The best way to swept away the stresses from work is to do something that you like the most. As the title of this blog, fashion can't be excluded in my life now. Today suppose a tiring and tension day to me, however, all my bad mood are gone when browsing through the new update from GQ magazine webpage. Many things gonna be shared now, but i think we better start with a juicy and hot one! Enjoy~

GQ's 50 Hottest Fashion Photos
Feel hot? Hope these photos can heat up your body during this raining season...
For more photos, feel free to log on GQ website

Bye. Have a nice day!

Mr. Ring

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Monday, July 12, 2010


Today is a serious monday blue to me. I felt like no energy in doing everything. Everyday i am questioning myself regarding the future that i want to achieve. I am lost once again today, i knw what i want but i am not doing what i wan now. I am so coward to step forward, and i choose the safest road. Struggling is a damn torturing thing...aiks...

Start missing my travelling days, City of lion, Penang, Cambodia and Vietnam...when is my next journey?
Beautiful sun rise at Angkor Wat...Life is simple there...
I like this photo, a truly happy face of me...Wondering when we can travel together again...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi all, i am back!

After a long bag pack journey, finally i landed in Malaysia. Time goes fast till i din have a fully rest before working. I am officially a worker now, in IOI Loders Croklaan, being a R&D executive. I cant say that i am enjoying my work now, coz i am still search my passion on it...but everything goes smooth so far. I think i will be more tension as project comes, btw, no job is easy right, so i should be tougher to beat down all the challenges. I am not a very fast learner, but i hope i can learn from mistakes, coz i always believe nothing will be done right for the 1st time, everything must be one step at a time, hehe...

I will try to update my recent life regularly here coz this is the only channel where thought and feeling can be shared. See you all next time, and good luck to everyone.


Mr. Ring

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