Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick update

Quick update!

I found that i din write anything for quite a long time dy...ya...i admit that i am lazy...and also no mood to write.
But juz for the knowledge of all my dearesr friends...i am fine here...i am getting more and more comfortable with the new environment now,dun worry pls.

Test fever increasing nowadays...until u can smell it if u ever have the chance to passby my house...haha..sounds serious right,but is true.Hardworking is very important in my life now,what i am archieving now...will mostly proportional to the company and income that i will gain in the future.I really scare that nobody wanna hire me for industrial training next year...because of my "terriblest" result last cumulative cgpa left not much hard is the motto for me in year 2008!!!!

And....what else i did so far?Hmm...i did quite a lot sports nowadays...swimming as usual...and also JOGGING!omg...Mr.Ring do jog?Yeah...for my own health,i will try to love this sport and i promise i will do it again and again...i want become SPORTY in year 2008!!!haha..another motto this year.

I really miss home now because there is one month i din balik kampung to see my family members dy.My mum called me yesterday and told me she did pineapple tart dy...and that auntie even asked me to smell it through phone insulting~~~mad!Besides,i also wanna congrat to my sisters because both of them got the excellent result in MUET...we are not english educated family but we have a band 5 member proud of her.

Ya...kinda late now,i should continue doing revision and fight for my test tml....see u all next time!


RO(Reverse Osmosis) water equipment!!!This equipment is superb expensive,i am so suprised when i found out in our faculty pilot plant.There are many machines out there use RO technique to produce clean and pure water for drinking but it is not so benefit for our body because it lacks of mineral...Btw,juz sharing knowledge with u all...hope u like it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh my 2008~


2008年,最令我难忘的是。。。我被black-listed了,哈哈,我没有很伤心,也没有很震惊,我觉得老师太小题大做,况且,我一直觉得那学系教英文的老师都有点something wrong。从他们口中说出来的除了课程之外,还有三个字,那就是I-S-O。。。在我心里,那是,inefficient,slow...and OBIT!!!



sensory testing (odor)
steam boat for MingShan birthday!!!

night view of Putrajaya

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