Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My life as sushi prince

Previously i presumed that The Mines sushi king wont be so crowded,so i have enough time to learn and practice especially making the most challenging sushi,which is maki.Oppositely,it is not so free as i thought and instead,me and paul are busy till fainted esp at the dinner or lunch time.The most surprisingly is,they even request us to makie temaki,sashimi and anything which in the menu.I am shocked at that moment because i dunno how to make it,i am not so potential in kitchen things as i mentioned before,my brain blur and i really need help tat time.Haha,but fortunately,paul is calm and he imitate the the food juz likes the picture in the menu,and handed to the customer,i am so happy he is beside me that time...

I think the others of my friends who work mid valley will be more tired than me,esp those guys who work at 3rd floor...making sushi continuously is not an easy thing because your will get seriosu back pain..Btw,hopefully we can work hard and train hard in this week...gambatae for all of us!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

am i sushi KING?well...i used to be prince~

These two days really make me refresh but at the same time, tiring...it is bcoz i am involved in the Sushi Kin training course,learn to make sushi and also some sort of the serivice.Everything is new to me since i am food tech students plus i am not used to cook,so i am a bit slow along the learning process and make a lot of stupid mistakes sometimes,wooo~

However,i will try my best to learn as a sponge,bcoz we need to absorp so many information in one week time is quite impossible for me (ya...its my fault,i am new learner in kitchen),so i juz hope that watever i have done,i can remember...haha...Nothing much to share with u here since it juz the beginning,hopefully can share more interesting or funny things which happen in the next few days...

Happy holiday for all my friends!

p/s:Plz forgive me,esp my hometown kaki,coz i know i broke my promise to go home,i am suffered too when making the decision...pls forgive me....we will meet at next holiday,i promise!!!!

Trainee kaki-s + coursemates

I love the whole outfit except the hat,it makes my head looks even rounder...haha

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Test 2 finished last friday night,it was a terrible test for me,my brain totally blank and all the calculations which i "think" i can do well seems gone within the seconds when i flipped thru the papers...sigh.Who can I blame for?I am not born with physic ok,my parents will forgive me of my another C+ in operation unit,hehe.

I thought i will have a wonderful weekend after last friday but everything seems ran out of plan...i din go out,except watching mid-night movies with some of my housemates.However,i am quite satisfy of what i did during the weekend,at least i finished gossip girl season 1 which keep distract my attention when i was studying...Nothing special about this tv series except for those gorgeous actors and actresses...But (always has a but...) some of the plots did reflect the real life which surround us especially when i was living in capital now like pursuing money,glamorious life,fun and joy,branded things...and blah blah blah...i think this is the ideal life of major ppls and sadly to say,sometimes me too~This is not our fault actually,if u can do it naturally and morally,then everythings are ok for me...but if it againts the moral or even law,then these things will be meaningless at the end of your life...

Btw,if u have time,have a watch of gossip girl....bcoz you know you love me...xoxo~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Final battle....!?Excuse me,not yet!

Final battle for test 2 today,it is so tired and my whole body almost reach my maximum tolerable level,exhausted...U might said i am so silly,coz it is juz a small test...but sometimes u will lost ur control ability when staying in one house with all of your coursemates.I din blame anyone here,juz think that sometimes it is hard for me to abandon my study and juz let it go because i cannot beat down the "Kiasu-ness" in my heart,truthfully...So?I am stuck in a compromising situation where i should stop or i should continue...haiz...

However,i will find some time to relax like surfing internet,updating my blog or even singing loudly even though it was disturbing sometimes,haha.I really hope that i can hold it until tonight and then i can have a nice sleep...

Life is full of pressure when you growing up,pressure for study is no doubt,and sometimes pressure from peer.I really need to learn to control the pressure around me and find a way to release it intermittently,so as you,whoever who read my post now...good luck!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Messy Away...please

Today suppose the day for Anwar,for the great and special day to Malaysia,but nothing happened until this moment and BN still is our government.Actually nevermind,day and date is not important,we can change it anytime as we want if our country really deserve it.

Since nothing great impact on me today,by right i can concentrate on my waste management study,but everything seems going upside and down since my sister informed me that one of the student in my former secondary school was being kidnaped,raped,killed,and burned.My heart keep pumping and pumping,and i almost lost my mind for a few minutes in the processing lab.I dun recognized that girl but this happened at my hometown,and near my living place...and that girl was juz 16 years old and those who suspect involved in this case are just 16+ guys,so terrified,i really cannot accept the age.When i was at this age,wat am i doing?but when they at their age of 16,they are murderers dy,they hit the title of each newspapers and my hometown is being famous once again!

I dunno the motive of what they did on this girl,but they really deserve to die...i cannot tolerate and i cant forgive at this moment even though they might be not being judged on any punishment juz because they are under age, but i dun care...coz i am worry my sisters now,i worry she might be one of the victim next time.Should i blame the girl who is too much beautiful or should i blame those guy?This society is sick!Education system is sick!Their parents are sick!I hate it!!!

Juz like what shi bin said,politic is messy...life is messy...and now my lovely hometown also messy...what else can we do next?There are so many uncertainties which i not dare to think now...(sigh)

Bless for that girl...hopefully her die will give some warning to the other girls.For the other girls,please behave,because nobody can protect you dy except yourself...

Monday, September 15, 2008


Some update about my life recently and i wish to write less and post more pictures this time,hehe,i am so lazy isn't...
Test season going to the end soon,left two subjects so my pressure will not so high compared with previous days.
Politic in our country is so beautiful recently...suddenly found that Malaysians gt high potential in acting...haha...oops!I think i should skip this topic now because i scare later got ppl come to my house to "protect" me from dangerous....ohoh...dun want give so many troublesome to my dear lovely polices...they still need puasa u know...dun add any burden to them.As a good student,i should take care for them,their job is nt easy...really...coz interpret the content of ISA is not a piece of cake u know...really....
Simple tanglung made by cheeseng but surprisingly it can produced such beautiful light effect...
Mooncake festival gathering...thx to everyone who willing to sacrifie your time to join us...
yeah,tang lung...something which cannt be left up in this festival...

lab-tau fu (first time made taufu...tat feeling is great~)
soy bean milk

tau fu fah (wah,produced tau fu fah really easy,but produced a good quality one is depends on your secreat recipe lol...)
What these two cats doing..?OMG,they are so annoying you know...they can make love twice daytime and somemore still not enough,that female cat still mourning at night...walau weh~~
KC birthday...so she deserved this plus size teh tarik~~~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some dissapointments from you,you,and you..ssss

Life is so complicated nowadays...especially for this moment which under hundred loading of endless assignment,reports and tests.Peoples become more and more complicated under pressure,they can treat u nice as good friend but at the same time they might be talk something bad behind you.I used to be tough for this type of thing,if you want play game with me,better prepare for 两败俱伤.However,for those who cannot survive or not ready yet to survive,this is the time for you to learn,learn to identify people and learn to protect yourself from being hurt.

As i said before,we must be independence and decrease the chance to depend on others...like my mum always taught me,"always sharpen your knife,before it blunt".Action louder than talk,so please dun bluff before measure how far you can go...and pls dun complain,if someone didn't fulfill what you need because what u need is not necessary good at all...

haiz...i am so dissapointed of your action nowadays...really wish to scan your brain and feel what you think about...

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