Friday, November 28, 2008


First of all, I am sorry to bring this heavy issue to my blog again, but I can’t suppress my feeling now. I was so terrified yesterday when I read the headline of Yahoo website, capital of India-Mumbai was being attacked by terrorists, and there are almost 104 peoples died in this incident. We almost forgot the incident of 911 which happened in year 2001, and this time terrorists start their fight again, and surprisingly their target move from western country toward Asia country.Seriously, India is being suspected as their branch only, the main 龙头老大 is allocate somewhere in other places, I am worry that our country got their branch or not…hopefully not…blessing…

The target of the terrorists this time still remain the same, they only kill those people who have US and British passport. I don’t know when and why the world start to become so unstable now, I also dun understand why those terrorists need to use this method to get what they need…some people said these are all due to the unfairness of this world, this is the instinct of human being to release their anger in their heart, and fight what they want.However, does this method really can solve the problem? Do wee need to scarify so many innocent people just for you to get what you want? Many of us will say no, we can answer this question so easily at the point of morale value, but we will never know what the terrorists thought, if we never undergo those unfair treatments like them.

All in all, I think both terrorists and western country need to have a serious talk in order to solve the problem. At least, we need to know what they really want, what are their motives for doing this. I do think that discussion can reduce the conflict between each other. You might say that my thought is so simple and idealize, but sometimes basic and simple way can solve many complicated problems….sigh…

God bless India, and bless those who scarify in this incident…Hopefully this is the end of their action; I still believe that we will have a peaceful day in the future…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crisis again

For those who seldom care about the news, you might not as worry as me.Recently,what u can read from the headline of the newspaper is the economic crisis which occurred in America and lately, it has been spread to Europe country,Korea,Singapore,Iceland and etc.This is a very serious global issue, because the type of crisis we faced today is not the same as the crisis which happened in year 1998.I still remembered I was just primary six that time, but I can feel the tension and pressure from the economic crisis toward our life (maybe I was too 杞人忧天),haha…However, US and Europe country are not being affected that time, thus many of the Asia country can borrow money from the International Bank.Unfortunately,for this time, the whole situation is totally different. You just imagine, even huge countries like EU and US also being affected and almost defeated by this crisis, develop country like us (Malaysia) how to survive? And sadly to say, our country seems doesn’t care about this crisis, some of the leaders even still fight in the parliament just for those stupid and “sensitive” issue……

Expert predict that Asia will start to be affected in the early year of 2009, so we still have time to find a solution to overcome this problem.Morover, for youngster like us, I think we should start to save money dy…haha…I think I should cut those expenses on clothes, entertainment… L So my plan to Singapore will be cancelled, my plan to buy a digital camera also will be cancelled, but hopefully I still manage to get some money to have a Malacca trip during Christmas. I am not good in money management, but this time, I think I really should start to plan my money well and maybe can learnt from yikweng to have a record book, hehe…

I am sorry for bringing this serious and heavy issue this time, maybe I am too over-reacted?haha,who know…But I still have a good news! Government will reduced the interest of PTPTN to 1 % instead of 3 %!I am so happy to know that, our burden will be reduced again once we graduate, so cheer up…and maybe can have a celebration!Haha….

Ok, that’s all for today. See you next time!

Mr. Ring

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This was an unforgettable weekend for me,coz after such a long time being separated with my gangs,finally we can go out together yesterday and today.Hometown friends really are irreplaceable ya,we share problems together,we share opinion,and the most important,we understand each others,there are no any betray and lie between us.Feel so free when hang out with ah keoh and sylvia,thanks for bringing me happiness and craziness,especially for this moment which I really need to take a long deep breath.

Well,yesterday we went out for some korea dishes,with the same restaurant and environment,I think both of us really enjoyed ourselves very much.After korea dishes,we decided to have some ice kacang at the most famous ice kacang place-Happyland.Ya,it called Happyland,instead,it really bring a lot of happiness to us because it was very relax to chit chat there,and gossip behind other peoples,haha…So you think that’s all of our activities?No…we left out something very important….that is singing!So for today,we spent almost 2 hours to practice our vocal in redbox,and then,we called it a day with full of satisfaction.

I really hope that I can hang out with more hometown friends during this semester break,coz I miss them very much…there are many stories I can tell,and there are many gossips we can share…so,shi bin,jia ning,bong,keat yin,li yoon,hui qi,hui pin,yen ling,chiou huah,ah lim,faster come back lar,what are u waiting for?haha….我等到花儿也谢了。

p/s:Winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 is…Mckey!However,I am so disappointed of Analeigh for not getting into top two…
ANTM cycle 11 winner-Mckey

Our favourite,korea vegie roll with BBQ pork and garlic slice

Ho ho ho...santa claus is coming to town...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

我 后悔吗?




























Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello to all my friends, for your information, now I at hometown now and I will be here for the next 7 months. It is a great holiday to me especially got more time to rest in my home and regain my energy.However, life seems always polarizing; when you are busy, you are busy till crazy; when you are free, boringness almost kill me, haha…So I think I should start to plan my holiday now including go to apply passport and visit my auntie and uncle in Singapore.Also, I wish to meet my hometown gangs too! Even though Buffy is not around, but still got keoh,hui pin,li yoon,hui qi,shi bin…etc…as a initiator, I think I should take the responsibility to organize a meeting in this holiday (I know many of us always sit in the house and wait for the call…hehe)…

Last Tuesday I bought two books from the Mines Food Fair,which are 爱要一身的惊艳and 世说心语,and coincidently these books are written by my beloved writer-刘庸.I start to read his book since form two, and the way he write, he delivered each single message from each stories really impressed and inspired me a lot. So without a doubt, I bought two of his latest books from the stall although I didn’t have much more money left in my pocket after Johor trip.

I think should stop here and continue my reading dy.Wishing all my friends happy holiday!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vote vote vote!

Here are the best photographs which i like the most from the Johor trip...btw,i need ur help to select the best of the best.Juz finish the simple poll at the right hand side and result will be announced on next week...Lets have fun and hurry up!

A.When devil approach


C.Are we there yet?


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Goodbye and Hello

My housemates are moving out from my house also indicates that we gonna leave Serdang for almost 7 months soon...for this moment,i dunno why i am so sad,start to miss everything here.I used to dislike the peoples and environment around KL,it is very complicated and impure.Many things happened nowadays,and it almost destroyed the relationship which we build up from the day we met during orientation week, like argument with coursemates,misunderstanding among close friends,betray,lie and etc...every people said,"Finally,i see through his or her heart".Is it like that?Sigh...relationship here is so vulnurable...

Wacthing them move things out make me so emotional,soon this house will become empty,everythings going back to its original status.Actually,i think this is good for both of us,lets time go back to when and where it start,lets our heart back to the most original state,lets us review our mistakes,lets us regret,lets us remind ourselves,and the most important,lets time heal the that we can start all over again...

Fate bring us here,but we goona work hard to protect and maintain this fate.I am looking forward the sparkling which we can archieve after industrial training...because there are many challenge still wait for us in the future,we must unite or else we will fall down...together...

Wish god will be my side always,blessing me and my friends...

Goodbye...and Hello.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Have a dog-a-walk!

Hmm...first of all,my final exam finished dy,it was really torturing...however,i think i did my best in all papers,at least better than previous final tests.Juz after my last paper,i went for a meeting to brief about the Dog-a-walk activity which held at dataran merdeka on sunday.For a dog lover,i am really happy when i know i will contact with so many dogs and cats,to fulfill my dream since i was a child...Hopefully i can have a dog as pet in the future...

This cat is sister,she got another brother which is black colour...both of them share the same crystal blue eyes...cute~

I ...dun like the way he stare at me...haha

This is the dog which i like most,she is very tame,and very like to kiss people...
So small is it...she grabbed my shirt so hard and very nervous...i am not tat bad ok~

who interupted me and my beloved doggie?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Do you like "家好月圓"haha...i like this drama very much,watching those gals and women do the cat fight really exciting...i think majority of guys have the same taste with me gua...we love to see girls fight,scrabbing both shirts,slapping,bitching each others,pull hairs,rolling again and again on the floor,and the worst ....cry....haha...I think this is the reason why women centred drama become so famous nowadays,starting from Sex and the city,desperate housewifes,ugly betty,jing zhi yu ni,nv ren bu yi zuo,tang xin feng bao and the latest-家好月圓.

So you think it is juz the drama,juz the character created by the author,but in fact,you almost forget that where is the inspiration comes from?Its from the real life,the peoples around us.We cant deny that girl is a complicated plus sensitive mammals,but so as guys,the only different is how they express their sensitiveness.Obviously,guys are more straight forward,they show their emotion on their face,and there is nothing keep in their heart,tats why they fight so easily even with small matter.However,girls are juz opposite,they keep their anger in their heart,buried and buried...until reach their own maximum level,then something will explode out...many unreveal history will reveal and shocked everyone...

This is juz my personal opinion in this issue...but it doesn't mean all gals and guys are like this, some are exceptional...hehe

Recently many cat fights happened around me...i dunno what are the causes and dunno who is the devil woman...but i think we need some rain from the sky to cool down those kitties on the is enough to watch 家好月圓 again and again dy...

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