Monday, January 3, 2011

Vladimir ivanov

Well, i really dunno how to spell this name.
He is a model, a very hot model. I know him because of Fashion TV men, he is the recent model from Fashion Diary. He is damn gorgeous, how can he be so handsome? His face is flawless, his smile is perfect till can melt every girl's heart, his body is damn hot, how can, how can it be??????!!!!!!

I dream to be model since i was young (though i am not that old now), but i dun have flawless face likes him, my face is colonized with pimples and acnes, fighting with them sometimes is kinda exhausted.
I dun have hot body likes him, i am slim, tall, people tend to call me "bambo stick".
I dun have perfect smile likes him, my teeth is not organized, and i dun have cute dimples on my face.



As i am older and older now, modeling is just my teenage dream...

What a teenage dream!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So we called it a year...2010

I have just checked my new year post 2010
(, memories keep flashing back and without a doubt, 2009 is the most wonderful year in my life. However, 2010 is not that bad too, at least i am graduated, finished my bag pack trip, and got a job eventually.

I am blessed, like what shi bin said, i have a lot of friends around me. Thank you very much to you and you, i know i am not so easy to cope with, my craziness will drive you to hell sometimes, but believe you me, i am friendly, truly from my heart, it just i am
a bit slow for ice breaking...hehe.

I hope 2011 will be a good year for everyone, the most important is, don't lose yourself, don't lose your soul, even though you are still lost like me, but one day we will find the exit, if we believe.

It is always good to end the first post of 2011 with new resolutions:

Be friendly to everyone

Be honest to myself

Be happy

Sounds easy yet hard to achieve, but these resolutions will place in my heart for the entire year of 2011, i will try not to lose it, so as you.

Happy new year!

After having so many restaurant dinners from christmas to new year eve, homemade steamboat is just the right choice to celebrate our new year 2011.
I am not the member of 七仙女 (so called seven angels), but i am 后宫之首(so called head of department). 后宫之中,难免用计, hopefully 2011 will not be a challenging year for us,
yum seng!
Gathering likes this will not last forever. Soon people will leave one by one, we should appreciate, 感恩~
1st birthday celebration in year 2011, what a good start for all of us!

Good luck.

Mr. Ring

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